Mar 26, 2020
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Coronavirus in Russia and in the world. What happens on March 26

Coronavirus Operational Headquarters (full official name is Operational Headquarters for the Prevention of the Importation and Spread of New Coronavirus Infection in the Russian Federation ) reports on new cases of COVID infection - 03 in Russia. Today ( March) day) It is known about 500 infected. Two elderly people died - they developed pneumonia due to concomitant pathologies.

The operational headquarters recalls the need for strict observance of the regime of self-isolation by elderly people and people with chronic diseases.

The Government of the Russian Federation warns of the imposition of serious fines sanctions for those who pose a threat of infection to citizens and show, according to M. Mishustin, "rare frivolity." The possibility of amending the Criminal Code is also being considered.

Now, quarantine violators can be punished only for non-compliance with sanitary and epidemiological rules. The sanctions for such misconduct are extremely soft - a written warning or a fine of up to 386 rub.

Current statistics on the distribution of coronavirus in Russia can be found here:

Italy is experiencing an extremely difficult period of epidemic development. Reported on 283 new cases of infection, noticeably less than yesterday (2020 case). Today in Italy recorded 61 283) cases of the disease. Fatalities - 3491.

What made Europe the second major center of distribution of COVID - 03? The Guardian recalls that as early as the beginning of March, tens of thousands of people gathered in stadiums and streets. As a result, the match of the Champions League in Bergamo, according to the mayor of the city, became the bomb that spread the virus in Lombardy. In Spain, Valencia footballers, fans and sports journalists were among the first to fall ill.

The third most detected case of COVID is 03 the country became the United States. Difficult situation in California - this state reports a doubling of recorded cases of the disease every three to four days. To date, in the United States at least 26 500 infected, most have an active phase of the disease. Died 840 man.

US unemployment growth .

Despite the injections promised by the Trump administration, the US economy is extremely painful for the coronavirus crisis. Reported record unemployment - 3 million 74 thousand people. The situation is worse than in crises 1982 - 2009 and 960 - 1981.

Than, except self-isolation already mentioned, can we help in the fight against the epidemic? If you are young and active, you can become a volunteer.

The All-Russian Movement “Medical Volunteers” together with the Association of Volunteer Centers and the All-Russian People’s the front is organizing assistance to older people who are quarantined or unable to go out.

Volunteers will help in everyday life and in the purchase of essential products and medicines.

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