Oct 16, 2021
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Coronavirus Epic Splits America Deeper

Republican lawmakers in more than half of US states, under pressure from voters who are unhappy with restrictions and forced wearing of masks, have introduced laws that limit the powers of the federal government in the field of health care.

According to the medical resource Kaiser Health News, such bills were proposed by Republicans in all 50 states of the country. In 26 states, Republicans were able to overcome Democratic opposition and “push through laws that permanently weakened government power” in health care.

Three states have Supreme Court rulings that limit the powers of the feds over vaccinations and masking. In some cases, state legislators have empowered themselves to fight infections. 17 states have passed laws prohibiting mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19 and the introduction of “health passports.”

In some states, governors can no longer impose a mandatory mask regime or close factories due to the “pandemic”, and their executive orders can be canceled by lawmakers.

In Ohio, lawmakers have given themselves the power to overturn federal health regulations and relaxed vaccination requirements in schools. In Utah and Iowa, masks are not required in schools. In Alabama, state and county governments cannot issue vaccination passports, and schools cannot require COVID-19 vaccinations.

North Dakota lawmakers have banned employers from asking if their employees are vaccinated and infected against the coronavirus, limiting the governor’s emergency powers in this area.

Montana lawmakers passed the most stringent law in the country, drastically restricting health authorities’ powers over quarantine and isolation, increasing the power of local elected officials over that of local health councils, barring employers, including healthcare providers, from requiring COVID vaccinations. -19, flu and other infections.

In a number of states, Democratic governors have vetoed Republican bills, but in some states, such as Indiana, governor’s veto has been overridden.

In Arkansas, lawmakers have banned the use of masks, with the exception of private businesses or public health facilities, calling them “A burden on the public safety, health and safety of the citizens of this state”… However, the state Supreme Court blocked the ban on wearing masks. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also vetoed two Republican bills limiting the powers used by the state government to fight COVID-19.

The Legislative Assembly of Anchorage, Alaska, passed a law on the introduction of the mask regime on October 12, but Mayor Dave Bronson vetoed the law. Bronson wrote in his veto letter that the masks “Incite fear in an attempt to intimidate the public into submission”… He said that the legislative assembly “Showed her disdain for the public”… However, the Democrats of Alaska do not give up and intend to overcome Bronson’s veto.

Dallas-based company american airlines said it would not obey the order of Texas Governor Greg Abbott to abolish compulsory vaccinations and will comply with President Joe Biden’s decree requiring employees to be vaccinated. At the same time, a Texas federal court suspended a mandatory vaccination order for United Airlines employees that prompted a strike.

A recent poll by the agency Associated Press and the Public Relations Research Center (NORC) showed that about half of Americans advocate mandatory vaccinations and testing for workers in large companies. “But…, – writes Chronicles of San Francisco, – the survey also showed that people are deeply divided on the basis of political affiliation “

Republican Senator Roger Marshall has repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to pass legislation in the US Congress that would prohibit compulsory vaccinations and “shameful dismissal from the army for refusing to vaccinate.” In September, he and 14 other Republican senators with a medical background signed a letter to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urging them to take into account the natural immunity of people already infected with coronavirus when developing vaccination policies. Signatories include Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Texas Congressman Ronnie Jackson, who served as Donald Trump’s physician and medical advisor.

There is growing public opposition to compulsory vaccination in America, including among healthcare workers. Emergency Center employee Skagit Valley Health (Washington State) was fired for helping coworkers fake vaccination waivers for religious reasons by distributing the “Fuck the vaccine!” video on the TicToc network.

Some of the police are evading compulsory vaccination. In Seattle, City Police Department officials sabotaged a website by advising officers not to submit vaccinations. Local radio host Jason Rantz said about 200 Seattle police officers refused to be vaccinated. In this regard, the President of the Seattle Police Guild (BOAST) Mike Solan is concerned about possible mass layoffs of police officers.

And on October 7, two American rappers, Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy, recorded the composition “This is a war”, in which the words are heard: “This is a war with religion // This is a war with children. // They say you are being treated. // But this is a war with tradition. ” And the chorus: “The government is lying.” For a dozen days, the composition has collected about half a million plays online.

The coronavirus epic is splitting America deeper and deeper.

Cover photo: REUTERS / Stefan Jeremiah

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