Apr 27, 2021
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Coronavirus deprived Natalia Podolskaya of participation in the show “Mask”

Belarusian singer Natalya Podolskaya could become one of the participants in the “Mask” show. But due to a positive coronavirus test result, she had to turn down the offer.

Natalia Podolskaya became the new heroine of the project “Googling a Star” on The wife of Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. answered questions from fans that are usually asked in search strings in browsers. And one of them dealt with the “Mask” show.

Viewers suspected that the singer Podolskaya was hiding behind the mask of the Unicorn in the second season of the project. The artist herself did not respond to these suspicions in any way, but she received many comments on this score. As it turned out, she really could have been a member.

“I really wanted to participate in the show“ Mask ”, madly, but I got sick with covid and could not. I immediately clearly heard the voice of Irina Dubtsova under the guise of a Unicorn, and I was flattered that I was confused with her, ”the singer said.

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