Sep 6, 2022
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Cords spoke about the behavior of Alla Pugacheva


Shnurov told his opinion about the singer Alla Pugacheva.

While some criticize Alla Pugacheva for returning to her homeland, others support all her actions. For example, Sergey Shnurov is completely on the side of the people’s artist. The leader of “Leningrad” asked his colleagues to hold their tongues and not run into the Primadonna.

Sergei Shnurov does not understand why colleagues took up arms against the singer, who is a real legend. According to the musician, people should respect Pugacheva, and not criticize her.

Alla Borisovna is such a well-deserved person that she can do anything – leave, come, speak, not speak. Reproach her? Who are we to say anything to her? Moreover, no one canceled the freedom of movement. Wherever he wants, he lives there. I’m glad she’s back. Alla Borisovna, thank you very much for coming back,” the 49-year-old artist said during a press conference.

Alla Pugacheva - photo from the archive -
Alla Pugacheva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Recall that Tigran Keosayan, Margarita Simonyan, deputy Roman Khudyakov, actress Yana Poplavskaya, singer Natalya Senchukova are dissatisfied with the behavior of the Primadonna. They consider the silence of Alla Borisovna, who did not say a word about the special operation, to be wrong.

Dmitry Peskov agrees with Shnurov’s position – Vladimir Putin’s press secretary is also sure that Alla Borisovna does not deserve a hatred. But he does not approve of the statements of Maxim Galkin, who refused to return to his native country and settled abroad.

I have not heard a single statement from Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. But Galkin is clearly not on the way. The singer’s husband made very bad statements that I myself read“, Peskov said the day before.

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