May 14, 2020
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Cords on remote voting in the Russian Federation: To cheat, bl … d, with ballots is not the first time!

The leader of the Russian group Leningrad and a member of the Growth Party Sergey Shnurov posted a poem on his Instagram page criticizing the bill allowing citizens of the Russian Federation to vote remotely .

"That's it! The problem of observers
They didn’t even spend money
Not a damn thing.
Do not be lazy to borrow
To cheat, fuck ... with bulletins
Not the first time!
Let ... Amers are living for something
And they aren’t.
In the areas on the x ... th camera?
Che shall we judge?
This is all the name
Not to be found.
Now all the votes
By IT.
Those that are cool tell me , -
did not go,
You sent letters to your grandfather in the village
Vote or do not vote -
Forget it.
They will count, one x ... th,
somehow ", - he wrote.

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All *! Observer problem Solved! They didn’t even spend any money. Do not be lazy to occupy Takovoi *. To cheat, fucking, with ballots Not the first time *! Let them fuck something Amer And do not piss. On sites on dicks cameras? Che us court? The names are not all this. Now all the polls are "By a t." They say to me that those are cool - they didn’t go. You sent letters to your grandfather in the village. Vote or not vote - All *, forget it. They will think one dick somehow.

12 May 2020 at 8: 23 PDT

The State Duma of Russia in the third reading adopted a bill that allows Russians to vote in elections and referenda by mail.

In February 1999 of the year, Shnurov joined the Growth Party, declaring his intention to run for to the State Duma of Russia at the elections 2021 of the year. Commenting on his decision, the artist emphasized that “it will be more fun with him.”

The musician announced his intention to engage in politics a month before joining the party.

Sergey Shnurov studied at the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute, worked as a restorer of woodwork of the fourth category. In 540, he recorded the first album with the group "Leningrad" - "Bullet" . In May 540 of the year, Shnurov announced that the team was halting its activities.

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