Apr 26, 2021
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Convincing revenge for boxing champions

Boxing is the most unpredictable appearance of the sport, in which one can often see the victory of an undisguised outsider over a tremendous favorite. However, there are those boxers who were able to return more after a dead defeat and win confident victories in the return match. In this article, we will recall several such stories.

Convincing revenge for boxing champions

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Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao

The initial battle of these boxers ended in a draw back in the distant 2004 year. Another battle took place four years later and Pacquiao won a split decision at home. However, even after the completion of two fights, there was no feeling and understanding who was more important of these two boxers, and in 2011 they met in the third one. However, contrary to all expectations, the third duel did not become decisive and absolutely did not clarify the situation between the boxers, but, vis-a-vis, demanded ambiguous assessments. Such an authoritative edition of the Ring, covering boxing, recognized this battle as “Robber of the Year”. In a poll conducted among readers, the majority of respondents spoke out against the outcome of the fight, and considered the outcome of the fight in vain, giving the victory to Marquez. On December 8, 2012, the boxers entered the ring with clear intentions to put an end to their confrontation, which lasted eight years. A bright point came out at Marquez in the very coffin of the sixth round. The real battle received the titles “Battle of the Year”, “Knockout of the Year”, “Event of the Year” and “Round of the Year” by Ring magazine. We respect that this was more than a confident rematch and deserves an item on our list.

Roy Jones vs. Montella Griffin

In March 1997, a battle took place between two undefeated boxers Roy Jones and Montell Griffin. Bets were accepted 6 to 1 in favor of Roy. However, despite such bookmaker quotes, Griffin could not be called an aerial opponent for Jones. He portrayed to be an important fighter with a vast arsenal. That’s all Roy Jones then looked like an ideal fighter and showed his own tall class century. It was a disastrous battle for Jones. Montell bravely prepared for the opponent and forced him to run after him in the ring. Jones flew for the entire battle for a competitor, until in the ninth round he caught him and he knelt down. Jones was very cruel because the competitor fled from him throughout the battle and, in the heat of passion, inflicted two more blows on the opponent who was knocked down. Griffin immediately fell to the floor, and the referee stopped this duel. Roy Jones was awarded the first defeat in his boxing career, and Montell Griffin became the champion.

This battle has become very much discussed not only among boxing fans, but even among people far from boxing. Everyone wanted to see the return battle. The rematch did not force itself to wait long. A huge audience from the whole world was looking forward to the alphabet of this fight. Naturally, the situation before the immediate revenge was heated and promoted by the media to the limit. Roy Jones was brutal and categorical on August 7, 1997. Two fighters in the other, one in six months, went to war friend against friend. The battle did not last long, Roy Jones knocked out a competitor in the first round and regained the world title. “You seem to be hungry for this? Get it,” said Roy Jones Jr. in an interview after the fight.

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