Sep 6, 2021
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Conversation of the Odessa bandit Benny Creek with the head of the Foreign Office Dominik Raab

You are not acting according to concepts, gentlemen! You have to pay for this

The story of the Panjshir province, in which the “young lion” Ahmad Masud, who boldly opposed the Taliban * banned in Russia, has entrenched himself, is sorely lacking in the comments of the Odessa bandit Benny Krik.

Why him? Because he knew how not only to shoot a revolver, but also to say reasonable things in the language that gentlemen of fortune understand.

And in the story with Panjshir, little by little, the ears of British gentlemen of fortune appear, who have started their game there. According to Odessa standards, the game is unclean. And although Benya Krik was a bandit, he always said that a bandit must have a bandit conscience. And the British do not seem to have one.

What would Benya Krik say to British Foreign Secretary Dominik Raab about Ahmad Massoud and the British hopes associated with him?

Probably something like the following.

“Listen to Dominic, I’ll tell you as a family: it’s ugly to dry your underwear in front of the whole world. In Odessa, underwear is dried in attics. So that innocent people do not see him.

No, no, don’t fool my head with the joke that Ahmad Masood is not your underwear. Then I will laugh until I lose my pulse, because you can’t make me laugh like that. The world has not yet known a single Asian who studied at your military academy in Sandhurst and did not become an agent of your espionage service.

There is no need for objection, Dominic, you and I have already grown out of children’s pants and we know that no young graduate of your academy will be able to found, and even in Afghanistan, the National Resistance Front, having barely jumped off the student bench. You will not assert that, after returning from England to Afghanistan and being 27 years old, Ahmad Massoud sold the uniform of Her Majesty to the armed forces and founded a mass organization with the proceeds? 6 thousand members are a mass organization. And today there are already more than 10 thousand of them. And everyone is hungry. So, Dominic, don’t deny that the poor boy did it with your money. Although, of course, not on your personal savings and not even on the personal money of the director of the ICU, Richard Moore. Let’s say it was Her Majesty’s money, who cares. In any case, no National Liberation Front in Afghanistan would have appeared without the royal common fund. And without specialists from the ICU, who stood at the cradle of this movement. The boy himself could not have done it.

Are you obstinating, dear? Then tell me, do you by any chance know how much money was spent on the mass delivery of weapons and ammunition to the Panjshir Gorge the other day? Were Ahmad Masud’s fighters selling their last harem pants to buy this heap of weapons?

You, of course, can be silent, because the director of the SIS, Mr. Moore, could enlighten us in more detail. But for some reason he is hiding. But you declared the most important thing in Doha: “London will not recognize the Taliban as the power in Afghanistan in the foreseeable future.” Some simpletons will ignore these words, but here in Moldavanka they understood: you will fight the Taliban to the last Afghan.

By the way, we are asking: why do you need this? Are you not satisfied with the crazy Lawrence of Arabia, who covered the whole of Asia with blood? When my people go to work, they know exactly what to take and beware of shooting innocents. Do you know what you will take and how many innocents you will shoot? I think you don’t know and you don’t give a damn about that. Admit it, this is such an English sport – conspiracy in other countries so that you can sleep soundly in London.

No, no, do not convince me, Ahmad Massoud is no fighter for democracy, even though he graduated from your academy. By the way, how did he get into it? Who was so concerned about the fate of the son of a prominent leader of the war with the Soviets? But after the academy at Sandhurst, he studied at King’s College in London and received a degree in military science. Who needed it, Dominic?

No, Mr. Raab, we don’t like these games, because you doom the people you recruited to certain death. Ahmad Masoud will someday be killed, like his father. Until that time, you will have time to make another mess in Afghanistan. Don’t blame the Americans, Dominic! With the arrival of Biden, they became dull and are no longer capable of such operations.

We know why you need it. You always adhere to the principle of “divide and conquer”. Soon you will pump up Massoud’s troops with money and weapons, gather around him all those who are dissatisfied with the Taliban, and a new civil war will begin. Massoud Jr. received from you the necessary knowledge to organize a war according to the rules of the art of war. Sandhurst doesn’t waste money. There they train the faithful servants of Her Majesty, although not everyone realizes this.

Only this is what I want to tell you: you do not act according to concepts, gentlemen! You have to pay for this. ”

Photo: the Taliban banned in Russia in the Panjshir Gorge, photos from social networks

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