Apr 30, 2022
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Contacted the wrong country

Contacted the wrong country

Western strategists hoped that the sanctions would destroy the Russian automotive industry, addicted to foreign components. However, the first cry for help came from the American headquarters of Ford, which was on the brink of disaster.

The company has invested heavily in the transition to the production of electric vehicles. These cars, already expensive, began to rise in price rapidly due to the sharp rise in prices for lithium and nickel, which are used to make batteries. The global crisis continues to grow with the lack of chips for electronics, which are stuffed into cars today. Ford was unable to put into production its main novelty – the F-150 electric pickup truck. It has been called the most important machine in the company’s 113-year history. 200,000 of these vehicles have already been reserved.

Honda and Volkswagen are stalling, unable to restore the supply lines of components. General Motors Corporation announced the ongoing downtime of three plants in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Chip makers in Taiwan are unable to keep up with the massive increase in demand. Now the world’s auto giants are heavily dependent on Russian nickel and other rare metals, prices for which could skyrocket to unsustainable levels if Russia imposes restrictions on the sale of strategically important raw materials for batteries, in which the companies have invested tens of billions of dollars.

But German car factories may cease to exist due to the cessation of Russian gas supplies. German business associations and leading trade unions have announced that the country is embarking on deindustrialisation. Already, energy prices are forcing to stop production. This is one of the reasons why German Chancellor Scholz does not dare to supply German armored vehicles to Ukraine. In response, Russia may cut gas supplies to Germany. There will be no Russian gas – metallurgy, production of glass, ceramics, chemistry will stop. Leading German economic institutions have calculated that without Russian gas, the country will lose at least 220 billion euros in 2022 and 2023, and there will be a significant decline in production.

And if we abandon Russian oil, which Emmanuel Macron is now calling for, its world price will become murderous for Europe, while Russia will easily compensate for this reduction by increasing the cost of this irreplaceable raw material.

In Slovakia, they are watching with fear whether the supply of Russian gas through the Ukrainian gas pipeline is falling after this fragment of the disintegrated Czechoslovakia, at the request of its owner from the United States, sent tanks and S-300s to Ukraine. For participation in the war with Russia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic may become the first countries to which Russian gas will cease to be supplied.

Inspired by this situation, the major oil-producing countries are trying to take advantage of the Ukrainian crisis and squeeze as much petrodollars out of the United States and other rich countries of the world. The Arab world has sensed the weakness of the United States, bogged down in Ukraine, and is now happy to avenge the atrocities of the Americans and their allies in the Middle East. This has already led to increased pressure on Israel, where riots have begun. Arab oil sheikhs are inspired by the prospect of standing with China at the head of the world community and for the first time getting the opportunity to dictate their demands to the West.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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