Jan 12, 2022
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Conspiracy in Kazakhstan: Who pulled the strings – Samat Abish, Lieutenant General of the KNB or Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Andrei Garbazyuk

In the photo: the consequences of the riots in Almaty

In the photo: the consequences of the riots in Alma-Ata (Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS)

A whole camp of terrorists for three thousand people was found in Kazakhstan. It is located near Alma-Ata.

Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan is called the head of a certain terrorist structure Abisha herself or Abishevich Nazarbayev herself, nephew of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, lieutenant general of national security. His immediate supervisor, former chairman of the KNB Karim Massimov — has already been arrested.

Turkish media write that on the night of January 4, a collection point in the Central Mosque was launched, and there they persuaded people to go to the square to protest. Some went to regions. All this was led by Samat Abish, according to Türkiye, citing unnamed sources in the Kazakh administration.

Earlier there was information that the actions of the rioters were coordinated from the territory of Ukraine, even the name of the main organizer of the pogroms was called, who pulled the strings with a “group of comrades” – this is a certain lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Andrey Garbuzyukassociated with the SBU. However, it should be borne in mind that in Russia news of this nature has long been associated with Ukraine.

So who really initiated or at least “managed” the riots – the KNB or the SBU?

In the opinion Major General of the FSB in the reserve Alexander Mikhailov, you need to keep in mind the specifics of Kazakhstan, where anyone can be “appointed guilty”:

“However, we have experienced similar things in the past. The political leadership or representatives of certain clans in Kazakhstan, during the crisis, have already tried to somehow initiate protest situations.

Removed in 1986 Dinmukhamed Kunaeva, was appointed instead Gennady Kolbin, former First Secretary of the Ulyanovsk Regional Party Committee. When he arrived, riots broke out there. As it turned out later, they were organized by representatives of the Kunaev clan. They involved in these protest actions – no less cruel than now – student youth. It was an unsuccessful attempt to hold on to power or show “who’s boss.”

In the current situation, we must wait until there is complete clarity. At the moment, these are all versions, assumptions …

During Kunaev’s time, the deepest cause of the conflict is the increase in economic difficulties. A confrontation between Russians and Kazakhs began, since the birth rate in the families of the latter, especially in the rural regions of the south of the country, was very high. Young Kazakhs began to travel to the cities, where competition for housing and jobs flared up with the Russians. Now there is no need to talk about this kind of competition.

More often they remember the struggle of the Kazakh clans, as it was long before the appearance of Russian settlers in the region.

According to some reports, the President Tokayev has already dismissed Nazarbayev’s nephew Samat Abish from his post. According to others, he quietly continues to work. In fact, the current president does not intend to follow the tradition of Eastern despotism, which should fly heads. He wants to ensure a civilized transit of power, or at least the appearance of it, which is essentially the same thing.

In fact, little is known about this nephew of Nazarbayev, as well as about other relatives. They talked more about the eldest daughter of Nazarbayev as a possible future leader Dariga, former speaker of the Kazakh Senate and current deputy.

But, in any case, none of the young members of the Nazarbayev clan showed itself as an unconditional charismatic leader. But there is still an oligarch Kairat Satybaldy, who also, out of modesty, does not want to be called Nazarbayev.

Of course, it is not necessary for all of them to give orders themselves regarding the action of combat groups, the capture of important objects and administrative buildings. All Nazarbaevs are equally suitable as a symbol of possible resistance to the new government. However, are there many who are dissatisfied with Tokayev? He has not yet managed to bore anyone to death, being still in the shadow of the patriarch of Kazakhstani politics. So far, popular discontent has poured out just on the Nazarbayev clan, who were envied, whose power many are tired of.

The incumbent President of Kazakhstan, of course, intends to strengthen his reputation as a world-class statesman, as a supporter of acceptable methods of leadership. And while this reputation, earned by many years of impeccable diplomatic service, runs ahead of him. However, besides the president himself, there is also a numerous bureaucratic apparatus, there are, after all, ambiguous ancient traditions, ingrained in flesh and blood.

Orientalist, political scientist Stanislav Tarasov believes that Turkey may well know what is happening in Kazakhstan:

– These countries are in close cooperation through the Union of Turkic States. On the other hand, Turkey is interested in discrediting certain politicians in Kazakhstan. Because they – did not behave as expected in Ankara. The Turks have already held a meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Turkic states, the details of any decisions are not known, less so, they are concerned about the course of events in the region.

At the official level, Turkey behaves cautiously. Unofficially, the Turkish opposition accuses Kazakhstan of turning to the CSTO for help, complaining about the growing influence of Russia.

Therefore, I would be very wary of these categorical statements, especially when some names are mentioned. Although it may well be that everything is so.

“SP”: – At least, blaming Nazarbayev’s nephew for something, do they want to offend the very first president of Kazakhstan?

– Yes. Especially if the information comes from officials of this state. But all the same, here you should figure it out like this: “we write one, three in the mind” …

So far, from the words of the President of Kazakhstan, it is only known that “the country survived the attack of terrorists,” and their actions were coordinated from a single center. And the special services are engaged in countering the terrorist threat in Kazakhstan, as well as throughout the world. They also send their people to the cells of possible terrorists. And these people – can seriously get carried away by working undercover. Just like the soldiers sent to disperse, they themselves join the ranks of the dispersed.

It is already said that these same Islamic terrorists were trained by people in the Kazakh special services in the mountain camps of the Alma-Ata region. There are rumors about the connections of the authorities with the Islamists. After all, troops that are part of the National Security Committee are stationed around there, if terrorists attacked Alma-Ata, then they could arrive only from there.

With might and main gossip about “twenty thousand militants.” For almost twenty million people in Kazakhstan – not so much. But was there that much? Experts believe that five thousand people throughout the country is enough to capture the airport and other important government facilities.

In addition to the events of forty years ago, the times of Kunaev, all this recalls the events in the USSR 70 years ago, the time of death Stalin… Massimov, who has been in power for three decades, is the current Kazakhstani counterpart Lavrenty Beria… He had strong ties both in Kazakhstan itself and beyond. The former head of the state guard of President Tokayev became the new head of the Kazakh national security Ermek Saginbaev.

Many civil officials have been fired, some have been detained. Separate high-ranking officers committed suicide, which in turn resembles what happened in the early nineties in the vast expanses of the collapsing Union.

But unlike our common dashing nineties, the “second series” in Kazakhstan is interesting in that the characters in a large-scale drama managed to earn or steal a lot of money. The silent majority is only happy about the ongoing personnel changes. They hope for the best – at least someone outside the system has a chance to “rise”.

The probability of Nazarbayev’s return to power is zero. He was noisily retired. If they try to return power, many will not like it. At least until it gets worse. Everyone is tired of Nazarbayevism. Even those who had to glorify and idolize him on duty. But years will pass, and perhaps this time will be perceived as the “Golden Age”?

To prevent this from happening, the new President Tokayev intends to fight only with obvious terrorists who burn buildings and smash shops. Peaceful protesters don’t count. Ordinary people who came out to hold a rally are beyond suspicion.

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