May 4, 2021
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Conspiracies from the sickness of pets

Conspiracies from the sickness of pets

You can protect your beloved pets from illness and trouble with the help of proven conspiracies, which our grandfathers used. They knew how to protect their animals from disease and prevent disasters.

Pets can be prevented from getting sick thanks to conspiracies. They will help create a strong defense that will not allow negative impact from the outside and save you from trouble. The power of words and the desire to protect your pet will create an unbreakable barrier, so experts recommend learning a few proven conspiracies.

If the pet is ill, the conspiracy is read on the waning moon by preparing a bowl of spring or spring water. They rub the animal on her, saying:

“The living water washes away the sickness, sends it into the depths of the earth. As if the Month is decreasing, so does the disease recede. My pet (name) should not be ill, he should not cling to the sick. “

After that, the water is poured further away from the house.

It will be possible to save the adored animal from health problems if, on the growing moon, throw it out into the street after sunset and read the conspiracy, stroking the pet:

“The month is growing, strength is gaining, and my (name) is getting healthier. My pet is gaining health, getting rid of any ailments. “

After that, the animal is taken home, wiped with a damp towel. In the morning, the animal is given water to drink, which has stood the night on the windowsill under the light of the growing night sparkle.

The ensuing conspiracy will help to rid your adored animal of possible illnesses, to protect from new diseases and remove negative programs:

“It’s like flowers are blooming in spring, trees are awakening from sleep, so my pet (name) will be strong. The ailment to him, like a burdock, will not stick, the evil eye and damage will pass by, they will not harm his health. “

During the conspiracy, the pet is stroked with the purl hand, which is then washed under running water with the words:

“I wash off all the dirt, strengthen (name) health.”

Every animal has its own energy, and if you worry about your pet, it will help change your life for the better, heal from ailments and warn the owner in case a person is in trouble.

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