Oct 15, 2020
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Conspiracies for the Pokrov October 14, 2020: for happiness, love and good luck

Conspiracies for the Pokrov October 14, 2020: for happiness, love and good luck

On the day of the Orthodox holiday of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, everyone can change their lives for the better. Sincere and unselfish desires will be fulfilled thanks to proven conspiracies.

The Orthodox holiday of the Intercession is celebrated annually, and in 2020 its date is unchanged: October 14. The festive day combines Orthodox and folk traditions, thanks to which the connection between generations is not interrupted. Experts recommend getting acquainted with simple conspiracies that anyone can read. They will help bring happiness, mutual love into life and not be left without the support of capricious Fortune.

You can bring good luck to the Pokrov to life by a prayer addressed to the Mother of God. Complement the appeal with a simple conspiracy. To do this, doors and windows are opened, saying:

“I let luck into the house, I call for luck with pure thoughts. The wind blows troubles out of the house, clears the place for happiness. "

After that, they leave the house and throw a coin behind their backs with the words:

"For good luck, at the mercy, for justice."

Single people and those who do not feel harmony in family relationships, a simple conspiracy will help. Married and married people read it on dishes or drinks prepared with their own hands: “I cook with love, I call for my happiness, I no longer know non-reciprocity. Eat together, drink together, love each other. " The spouses eat at the same table.

For those who are in search, their conspiracy can be read for any treat. It is passed on to a man if a life partner is needed, or to a woman if a man is looking for a soul mate:

“My sweet love treats will attract, save me from loneliness. With good intentions I treat, I attract mutual love to life ”.

A comb conspiracy will help to attract happiness. She is passed through her hair three times, saying:

“I'll comb it smoothly, I'll smile at myself. As I go outside, I will attract happiness. "

Happiness will come to the house if you read the conspiracy on fresh fruits that are distributed to all family members:

“It's sweet to eat, to sleep soundly, to get up with a smile in the morning. As we eat the fruit, we will attract happiness, we will drive out failures from the house, we will live together, we will bring harmony into the house ”.

The Feast of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos is of great importance for Orthodox Christians. On this day, both church and folk traditions are observed, which are designed to bring prosperity into life and save you from any troubles.

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