Feb 23, 2021
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Conspiracies for 12 magical herbs from 12 troubles

Conspiracies for 12 magical herbs from 12 troubles

Herbs have been used by people from time immemorial. With their help, you can not only heal from ailments, but also create a strong defense against any troubles and problems. Properly concentrated plants can provide strong protection and ward off a lot of trouble.

Knowledge about the use of herbs has been passed down from generation to generation, and in the modern world, these skills are gaining popularity again. Experts offer to get acquainted with the magical properties of 12 medicinal plants, with the help of which everyone can create for themselves a strong protection from troubles and troubles.

Gathering herbs is dignified at certain times so that their healing properties are not lost. The leaves are harvested before flowering so that they do not transfer their strength to the buds. Plants are harvested from spring to late autumn, but the most important days are the holidays of Trinity and Ivan Kupala. Also, the collection of plants can be timed to coincide with the lunar calendar. During the growth of the Moon, the offspring gain strength, and when the Moon decreases, the roots. According to legends, the first plucked plant is lured, leaving a coin, a piece of sugar or a bright ribbon at the roots. Collect plants in a quiet, serene place, away from roads, settlements and dumps.

1. Derbennik. This plant is used to protect against evil eyesore and unclean forces, helps to ward off evil eyes and damage. They talk about the dried plant and carry it with them: “I hide from unclean forces, I save myself from the evil eye and damage. I use the power of the plant for my own good, I do not harm anyone and I do not give myself offense. “

2. Yarrow. This herb is used to attract came and enhance intuition. The conspiracy is read in the dark: “How many leaves, so much profit will come. I will strengthen my intuition, I will not let go of my own, I will bypass Palestine’s troubles. “

3. Elecampane. This herb is rightfully called the healer of any ailment. Grass is spoken of, and then consumed or carried with them in a dried form: “I gain strength, I cope with any ailments airily.”

4. St. John’s wort. St. John’s wort protects from evil people and helps to recognize secret enemies and ill-wishers. This plant will be an excellent amulet for business people. The conspiracy is read in the workplace: “Everything that is hidden becomes open, it will not hide from me cruelly. I defend myself from deceit and betrayal, I will drive out adversity, I will attract happiness ”.

5. Ivan da Marya. A conspiracy for this plant will help to prepare for wisdom and find happiness in love: “I gain wisdom, I do not miss my happiness.”

6. Clover. With the help of this plant, in former times they won hearts, seduced love and gained youth for many years. Before using the plant, they invariably spoke: “As if clover blossoms in spring, so my beauty is renewed. I attract love, I don’t know loneliness and old age ”.

7. Thistle. This plant was widely used to protect their home and themselves from any evil, be it thieves or natural elements. The plant was also used to cool amorous ardor. The conspiracy is read at dawn: “The sun is reborn, it drives away evil spirits, and it erases tremors from the face of the earth. As if the dawn would flare up, that is how I can defend myself from any disaster ”.

8. Plantain. This plant was found to bring good luck and facilitate the most difficult road. Plantain was also used to treat ailments. The conspiracy was recited as if on dried leaves, and so on decoctions: “I gain strength, I improve my health. I’ll get ready for the long journey – I’ll be back in time. On the way, luck will stay with me, drive away troubles, happiness will attract ”.

9. Nettle. Nettles are used as a life-giving weapon and as a talisman that drives out evil spirits, it is unusual for a person to be overcome by a larva. The conspiracy is read at noon: “Everything bad goes away with dawn, at noon it turns into decay. I feel sorry for the nettles, I protect myself, I don’t know any troubles or diseases ”.

10. Ivan tea (cypress). The plant has tonic and strengthening properties, helps to attract money luck and luck in work. The conspiracy on him is read on the day of collection: “I tear it off the ground, I cry in coin, I take life-giving properties for myself.”

11. Shepherd’s bag. Thanks to this plant, it turns out to attract pennies and drive away poverty. The plant is spoken about before putting it in a purse: “The seeds ripen, new plants are given life. I’ll put a charm in my wallet, I’ll get my pennies. “

12. Mint. This plant can be used for many rounder: to find prosperity, improve health, attract love and happiness into your life. The plot is read depending on the target being pursued. To find love, mint is added to any dish and treated to the chosen ones. During the preparation they say: “What is cooked with love will return with love, in the heart of my chosen one (name) will reciprocate.”

Herbs are also used to increase the tone of life, to gain health and well-being. They are brewed according to old recipes to get rid of a lot of troubles and bring the necessary changes into life.

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