Feb 17, 2021
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Conspiracies and whispers to the wind – from problems, poverty and bad luck

Conspiracies and whispers to the wind - from problems, poverty and bad luck

Wind energy helps you achieve what you want and cope with any difficulties, if you know how to use it. Our grandfathers subdued the power of the elements, which helped them to get rid of any troubles and bring prosperous changes into life.

Thanks to magical conspiracies, everyone will be able to say goodbye to troubles in life, free themselves from problems and financial difficulties. Experts recommend taking note of conspiracies down the drain, so that with their help you can change your life for the better and attract those benefits that fill life with happiness.

Whispers to the wind have been used for a long time, and in the modern world it will not be difficult for anyone to whisper the necessary words, whispering help from the wind. To get rid of financial problems, it is more important to utter a whisper at a time when the nordic wind is blowing. It is addressed as follows:

“The mighty wind, rebellious and uncontrollable, stop for a minute, listen to me, fulfill my desire. Take away my financial problems in the fierce winter, take them to the very frost, cover them with ice, sprinkle them with snow, clean up all traces so that they do not return to me or to anyone else. “

In gratitude to the wind, you can give an airy feather or a bright thread by throwing it in the direction of the wind and saying words of gratitude.

Anyone can get rid of the problems that hinder happiness. To do this, write the problem on a piece of paper, then burn it over a candle, and scatter the ashes in the wind. More important than the total is to wait for the east wind, which brings changes. Scattering the ashes, they read the conspiracy:

“I get rid of my problem, I don’t pass it on to anyone. Wind, catch my trouble, bring changes in life, give me prosperity. “

It is more important to get rid of one problem at a time, without writing your sorrows on several sheets of paper. So the probability of getting rid of a particular trouble increases repeatedly.

If life is unlucky and it seems that a black streak is about to come, or it has already begun, it is worth whispering into a strong wind. To do this, they expose the face to impulses of spirit and whisper:

“Troubles overpowered me, they lead round dances around me, they do not leave me alone, they bring troubles, they take away happiness. Wind-breeze, take my sorrows from me, save me from bad luck. Ride around me, take all the negativity with you, hide it from people, and bury it far away. “

Such a whisper can be uttered at any time when it is necessary to check with bad luck, under the circumstance that there is a wind outside. In calm weather, it will not help.

Communication with the wind of the eyelids ends with gratitude and bows around the world. A benevolent attitude and confidence that positive changes will soon come into life will allow you to check any problems quickly and without loss.

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