Apr 19, 2021
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Conspiracies and rituals from injustice and deceit

Conspiracies and rituals from injustice and deceit

Even in the modern world, everyone can protect themselves from deception and unfair relationships by using proven conspiracies and rituals. With their help, it will be possible to create strong protection for all occasions.

Many suffer from deception, and in order to protect yourself from those who try to tell lies and deceive, you need to know proven methods. Experts recommend getting acquainted with effective conspiracies and rituals that will help bring those who lie to the surface. In addition, talismans and charms, which you can make yourself, will help protect yourself from deceivers.

one. Before buying or making a deal, they read about themselves a conspiracy that will help protect themselves from dishonest people:

“The pennies in the wallet are ringing, they want to exchange for goods. I’ll make an agreement with an honest merchant, I won’t miss a purchase. “

2. This conspiracy will also help not to be fooled:

“I walk around the lake in worlds, looking for a fishing point. Anyone I ask – they show more and more distantly, they punish me for carelessness. I’ll step aside, I’ll catch fish home. I can handle it without other people’s advice, I won’t stay warm. “

3. Recognizing a lie and not letting yourself be fooled will come out if you read the conspiracy to yourself:

“I look in the mirror, I will achieve the truth. My reflection cannot deceive me, and you (name) cannot lie to me, the truth cannot be hidden. “

four. Sometimes you can deceive yourself, deceive yourself, following the lead of the advisers. At such moments, they read the conspiracy, crossing their hands on their chest:

“As if I’m asking for directions, everyone is pointing in different directions, they confuse me. I will stand in place, I will turn around, I will find my own way, I will not be deceived by it ”.

five. A conspiracy, which is read on a thread, winding it up in a small ball, will help to avoid injustice:

“The fidget cat was using yarn, he got it all mixed up, he ran himself. I have to prove his guilt, not to scold the children in vain. “

one. The rite from any deception is carried out at a time when the month is decreasing. To do this, they take black and white threads, put them on the windowsill overnight, and wind them up in the morning, saying:

“The threads obediently lie in the hands, do not get confused, they wind up in a ball. As if I’m winding a ball, I’ll learn the truth so much. ”

This ball is carried with them in order to recognize the swindle in time and reveal it.

2. An amulet will help protect against injustice. It is created from any little thing that brings good luck. The chosen object is placed in coarse salt, saying:

“I cleanse from evil, charge for honesty.”

After that, the little thing is left in salt for several minutes, and then taken out, washed with spring or holy water, saying:

“Pure water does not allow deception, it feeds all living things with life. As if my amulet is washed with spring (holy) water, so strength is gained. I will carry it with me, I will defend myself from injustice, and I will keep more distant from evil people ”.

Not only proven conspiracies, but also attentiveness will help to recognize lies and deception. Trusting your intuition will help you feel if someone is trying to act in vain and deceive you for their own benefit.

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