Oct 13, 2020
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Conservatives won the elections to the Seimas of Lithuania

Parties included in the parliamentary coalition did not enter the Seimas

In Lithuania, the results of the first round of voting in the parliamentary elections have become known: out of 17 political parties that took part in the election race, six made it to the Seimas. The second round of the parliamentary elections will take place on October 25, after which the final results will be summed up, while preliminary results can be done today.

The election results were unexpected.

The parties that make up the current parliamentary coalition of the majority (“Election Action of the Poles of Lithuania - Union of Christian Families” and the Social Democratic Party of Labor) do not get into the 13th Seimas of Lithuania - they could not overcome the 5% barrier.

Head of the Party of Poles in Lithuania Waldemar Tomashevsky on the eve of the elections, he promised to leave the post of chairman if the party loses in the elections. However, Lithuanian political scientists doubt that he will keep his promise.

“It's a shame that there were not enough votes. I take full responsibility as the leader of the party and the head of the election headquarters. However, the party is unlikely to support my resignation, but this issue will still be discussed, "

- said Tomashevsky during a press conference.

The Party of Poles in Lithuania, which gained 4.82% in the elections, is known for opposing Lithuania's interference in the internal affairs of neighboring Belarus in the Diet and refusing to vote for all kinds of resolutions on this topic.

The second party from the ruling coalition, the Social Democratic Party of Labor, did not overcome the 5% barrier either; the current foreign minister is on the list of this party at No. 1 Linas Linkevičius, although he is not a member of this party. The Foreign Minister lost in a single-mandate constituency, which was created especially for him. Citizens of Lithuania living abroad voted in this constituency, and they demonstrated that such a representative of the country in foreign affairs does not suit them. And this at a time when Linkevičius already saw himself as prime minister in the new parliament.

Chairman of the losing Social Democratic Party of Labor Gediminas Kirkilas nevertheless, he believes that Linkevičius should remain in the post of Foreign Minister, since he has already held this post for two terms and has accumulated a lot of experience.

“He has accumulated valuable experience and made important personal contacts for diplomacy, so he can continue to work in this position in the new government,”

- Kirkilas is sure.

The opposition conservative party "Union of the Fatherland - Christian Democrats of Lithuania" (SO-HDL) gained the most votes - 24.8%. Conservatives also lead in most single-member constituencies, and it is already clear that they will form a ruling coalition.

Of course, each party has a second chance - the second round, where they can improve the situation a little. In the second round, at each precinct, the two candidates who won the most votes in the first round will compete. However, the general picture of the elections after the second round will not change.

The parliament of the 13th convocation will work until the fall of 2024.

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