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Consequences of lip tattoo

Consequences of lip tattoo

Lip tattooing (and permanent makeup in general) has become very popular in recent years. What to expect from this operation?

Well, firstly, you will be able to correct the defects that prevent you from living and constantly spoil your mood. A professionally done lip tattoo will allow you to forget for a couple of years (or maybe longer) that you constantly need to use lipstick.

Lips and so will be juicy, bright and with a clear shape. It is better to make a barely noticeable tattoo so that the lips look natural and without makeup. In order to achieve just such an effect, it is better not to save money and turn to a good master in a salon with a good reputation.

But, unfortunately, all good things have their downside. – Consequences of a lip tattoo
You need to know that immediately after the operation you will experience swelling. It’s not scary – it will subside in a couple of days. But puffiness arises from microcracks, which appear due to the impact of needles that injected the dye. You need to be very careful with lips that are vulnerable during this period, avoiding infection. Therefore, strictly follow the advice of the specialist who performed this operation. Apply a special cream on the lips several times a day. It will help wounds heal faster and protect against the penetration of viruses, such as herpes.

Sometimes after this cosmetic procedure, inflammation of the lips may occur. To prevent this, try to keep your lips clean, do not visit open water, be less outdoors. Do not put any cosmetics on your lips, even hygienic lipstick, wash your face with warm boiled water to exclude any infection.

So that the healing process does not turn into inflammation, you should not make masks, eat hot food and drinks (soups, tea and coffee). Unfortunately, kissing is also impossible – otherwise, foreign microbes can penetrate and irritate the wounds. However, in this state, you most likely will not want to kiss, and even meet.

Sometimes a much bigger problem can happen. For example, the master will be insufficiently qualified, or his hand will simply tremble. In this case, the shape of the lips will not be symmetrical, or not what you expected to get. In this case, you will have to deal with the correction. In general, after a week it is still supposed to go to the master for the final correction, when the lips heal a little and the swelling subsides. But if you are unhappy with the screwed up master, you can go to another specialist.

I must say that the consequences of unsuccessful lip micropigmentation are quite difficult to correct. It happens that the master uses traumatic equipment, or uses low-quality pigments, or introduces them too deeply due to inexperience. And then the lips may turn out to be too bright or with a “floated” blurred contour, and instead of charming lips you will get a mask of a loser clown. To correct it, you will have to act with a laser, or by introducing another, light pigment.

Therefore, if you want to quickly solve one problem, think about whether you are ready for unfortunate consequences!

05/11/2012 – Addition, another article on this topic:

Many women today occupy a fairly high position in society, so image issues play a paramount role for them. However, it is no secret that very often a modern business woman simply does not have time not only for regular visits to a beauty salon, but also for impeccable makeup. That is why many representatives of the weaker sex are increasingly thinking about replacing the usual cosmetics with a tattoo. For example, apply it on the lips and get rid of the need to constantly tint them with lipstick.

This procedure is quite popular today. However, when going to get a tattoo, not all women imagine its consequences. Of course, they will still be able to achieve the desired effect: just look at the photos of those who dared to replace lipstick with a tattoo to make sure that the lips of the fairer sex really look amazing without the use of cosmetics. But what actually lies behind such a procedure?

Side effects of lip tattoos that go away after 10-15 days

Despite the fact that tattooing is performed today with environmentally friendly paint based on natural ingredients, which is absolutely non-toxic and does not cause allergies, after the procedure, the lips noticeably swell and become covered with a crust. These are the consequences of microscopic injections with a tattoo needle, which, although it penetrates to a depth of no more than 1 mm, still damages the epidermis. In addition, even if the operation is performed in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic requirements, it is very easy to infect numerous wounds. Sometimes it is enough to touch the lips after the tattoo with poorly washed hands, and the inflammatory process cannot be avoided.

However, with regular lip disinfectant and antibiotic use for a few days after surgery, these complications can still be avoided. After the crust comes off, it will be possible to appreciate the work of the master who performed the tattoo.

Another problem that women often face after such an operation is the wrong lip color, which for some reason may not correspond to the type of appearance and image of the fairer sex. In this case, the entire tattooing procedure will have to be repeated immediately after the lips have healed. True, it is worth noting that in this case, lip correction is carried out, as a rule, free of charge.

Problems that will be very difficult to get rid of

It should be borne in mind that lip tattooing, for all its delicacy, is still a surgical intervention that provokes a stressful state of the body. Therefore, the most common problem faced by approximately 40% of women who have undergone a similar procedure is the occurrence of herpes on the lips. This disease is very difficult to treat and, most often, will haunt the fairer sex for more than one year, causing a lot of trouble.

In addition, a lot depends on the experience and professional skills of the master. If you turn to a specialist who does not have sufficient qualifications, then after tattooing you can become the owner of a zigzag lip contour, the color of which will be far from ideal due to uneven paint application. In this case, even with the help of adjustments, it will be very problematic to correct the consequences. It remains only to wait 3-5 years until the paint fades on its own, and their natural color returns to the lips.

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