Jun 3, 2022
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Congress demanded from Biden a report on spending $ 40 billion on Ukraine

The American publication Politico writes that congressmen do not want to leave budget spending uncontrolled: a corresponding letter was sent to the Pentagon. The same letter expresses concern that control is needed over the stage when arms deliveries have already reached the Polish border, but their further fate is unknown.

Representatives of both parties are named as the authors of the letter. If appropriate measures are not taken, or congressmen do not receive a report, then subsequent tranches of America in favor of Ukraine may remain without the support of the legislature, politicians warn.

Elizabeth Warren explained that budget expenditures amount to billions, and ordinary citizens have the right to receive a detailed breakdown of who, in what form and volume receives weapons. In their opinion, the Ministry of Defense should report.

Earlier, SM-News reported that the US President approved the supply of HIMARS long-range weapons to Ukraine in the amount of $700 million.

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