Mar 30, 2021
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Confucius, the United States and Uyghur separatism

If they spit in your back, it means that you are going ahead

Washington does not know who Confucius is. There is no particular trouble in this, you never know what they do not know. However, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken should sometimes look into the legacy of the Chinese sage who laid the foundations of Chinese culture, which are still unshakable. And if Blinken had known Confucius, perhaps he would have avoided shouting to the whole world about the genocide of the Uighurs in China.

The US Secretary of State might recall that September 11 will mark the 20th anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York. The hour is uneven, Joe Biden will be presented with a gift for a memorable date – exposing materials about the involvement of American special services in those explosions. And then the world will see what genocide is! After all, several thousand US citizens were sacrificed so that, after declaring the destruction of the World Trade Center an atrocity of Bin Laden, who was sitting in Afghan caves, start a war in Afghanistan! By the way, we wrote something about the “mystic of September 11th” five years ago.

You ask, what does Confucius have to do with it? But how! After all, he warned: “Beware of those who want to impute guilt to you, for they yearn for power over you.” The Chinese are also wary when they see how they are treated, counting on their obedience. Not long ago, the state of affairs in Xinjiang, the periodical riots there, did not bother anyone in the West, and suddenly bang – genocide! Some kind of structure Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy, declared that the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide was violated – and went to write the province! The progressive humanity of the Western Hemisphere was immediately excited and sanctions were imposed on China. However, in China they understand what is what and with the help of what the Americans have got the hang of forming the “international agenda.”

Against the backdrop of the collapse of the USSR and the emergence of new independent states in Central Asia, Uighur separatism, fueled by “friends of China” in the West, began to declare itself more and more loudly. The “Islamic Movement of East Turkestan” * (ETIM), banned in Russia, appeared – a terrorist organization whose goal is to create an independent state “East Turkestan” on the territory of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the PRC, that is, the dismemberment of the PRC.

As you can easily understand, such a turn is absolutely unacceptable for the Chinese political leadership. In an effort to get rid of the “three forces of evil” – terrorism, separatism and extremism, Beijing is doing a lot to improve the living standards of the population, investing large sums in its autonomous region, implementing several development programs at once. At the same time, the PRC authorities severely restrict the activities of Uyghur separatists, who are also Muslim extremists.

Xinjiang has vocational training centers that, according to official Chinese figures, trained 1.3 million Xinjiang residents annually between 2014 and 2019. However, information warfare has its own laws: in the West, these vocational training centers are called nothing more than political re-education camps or concentration camps. And in this case, the Chinese remain faithful to what Confucius taught: “If they spit in your back, then you are going ahead!”

A real understanding of the situation is provided by the White Paper on Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, published in the PRC in September 2020.

Beijing calmly, in a businesslike manner responded with its sanctions to Western sanctions, showing that the pressure policy will not work with China. After the US, EU, UK and Canada imposed sanctions on a number of Chinese officials on March 22 for “violating Uyghur rights” in Xinjiang, the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs imposed retaliatory sanctions on several individuals and organizations in the US and Canada. Such sanctions are still symbolic in nature, but this symbolism is important, and there was an immediate uproar in the West. How? Are you trying to do to us the same way we do to you? Don’t you dare! Anthony Blinken said that Penkin wants “Intimidate and silence those who advocate for human rights and fundamental freedoms”

Beijing does not pay attention to the indignation of Western politicians. Step by step, China is transforming international politics from a punishment whip into a double-edged sword. As it comes around, it will respond. Chinese political culture has absorbed the words of the great Confucius: “What you can perceive calmly no longer controls you”

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