Jul 16, 2020
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“Confrontational strategy”: why trump has replaced the head of the election headquarters

The President of the United States Donald trump replaced the head of his election headquarters. Now heading it will be bill Stepien, who previously held the post of Director of political Affairs at the White house. About this American leader said on Twitter. According to experts, this step is associated with the results of surveys the last few months show a serious backlog of trump from his main rival, Democrat Joe Biden. Analysts say that the main reasons for the falling ratings of the head of state became pandemic and the associated economic problems. However, political analysts believe that the outcome of the race not foregone conclusion.

The US President has appointed a new head of his election campaign. About this American leader said on Twitter.

"I am pleased to announce that bill Stepien was promoted to the head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump. Brad Parscale, who was with me for a very long time and managed our exciting strategies in the field of digital and information technologies will remain in office, however, he will become a senior Advisor to the headquarters," wrote trump.

He also noted that in the forthcoming presidential election waiting for the "big win" for his team.

"Bill and brad took an active part in our victory in 2016, and I look forward to our joint second big and very important victory. It should be much easier, because our ratings in the polls are growing rapidly, the economy is on the mend, we'll soon have a vaccine and medication, and the Americans want their streets and areas were safe!" — said the head of the White house.

Stepien prior to that, he worked as the Deputy campaign Manager of the trump, and during the first two years of his tenure as President he held the position of Director of political Affairs in his administration.

He has also has successful experience in leadership election campaigns. In 2009, during the elections for Governor in new Jersey, he headed the headquarters of Chris Christie — a prominent supporter of trump. Then Christie managed to win — he became the first Republican who won in this state for 12 years. In 2013 Stepien again led the Christie campaign and achieved success.

According to analysts, Donald trump could replace the head of his election headquarters, as in recent months, opinion polls, began to give way in popularity to his most likely rival for the top post — former Vice-President of the USA Democrat Joe Biden.

"Trump urgently need a new Steve Bannon, of which he was in the midst of the presidential race of 2016 was appointed Executive Director of the election campaign. He did a lot for the victory of the trump. But now, surrounded by trump such a personality there, and the President understands this," — said Professor HSE Alexander Domrin in an interview with RT.

"The main problem is economic"

According to most opinion polls, Biden currently is confident ahead of trump. So, conducted by NBC and The Wall Street Journal from June 9 to 12, a sociological study shows that Biden's preference for 51% of Americans, Trump is only 40%. An even bigger gap to show held in June polls Monmouth University (53% versus 41%) and CNN, in cooperation with SSRS (55% vs 41%).

According to analysts, one of the main reasons for this state of Affairs has become serious situation with the spread of the coronavirus. Recall at this point, the United States ranks first in the world in the number of cases and deaths (3.4 million and 135 thousand, respectively).

In addition, imposed in connection with the pandemic restrictive measures have increased the level of unemployment and a serious blow to the country's economy, largely negating the accomplishments of the administration of the tramp in this area, say the scientists.

Another factor influencing the low ratings of the President, the experts referred to the ongoing unrest related to the death of George Floyd and the intensification of the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Thus, according to the chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vasiliev, the economic crisis was still the main reason for the decline in popularity of the President.

"The main problem is economic. Pandemics, and restrictive measures led to the fantastic sagging economic indicators. Expect a serious reduction in GDP. The situation is such that you can recall the times of the great depression. This explains the dissatisfaction, although it may appear in different forms," the expert said in an interview with RT.

Failure turned and Congress supporters trump in Tulsa (Oklahoma). Then at the headquarters of the Republican announced that the meeting registered more than a million people, but in fact Trump had to speak in front of half-empty stands. As it turned out, the event in droves were registered opponents of the American leader, who was going to break thus it.

According to the newspaper The Hill, the responsibility for a failed rally, which the tramp was of great importance in the middle circle of the President laid on then led the election campaign of brad Parscale.

The newspaper also reports that in the current situation the environment trump advised him in the election campaign to focus on the attacks against Biden and the economic recovery. Instead, the White house chose to focus on criticism of the BLM movement, protection of monuments and the Confederate flag.

"Trump has chosen a confrontational strategy, claiming that these riots provoked by the leftists. He got involved in this cultural war, protecting monuments, defending a system of values. Maybe he plays in a situation of "sink or swim", relying on the fact that there is a silent majority that will support it. However, judging by the polls, the society is a bet on the confrontation did not take. At such moments, the President should not divide the country but unite and soothe, to find common points," — said Vasilyev.

"I would have won by knockout"

The experts urged caution to treat the results of sociological researches, which are published today in the United States, as in 2016 they also predicted the victory of the opponent of trump's Hillary Clinton.

"Don't trust any American polls. We remember what they said in 2016. These services are in the same hands as the majority of the American media. The people who conduct the polls, more interested in shaping public opinion, rather than in studying it. In addition, many respondents simply do not want to openly answer questions of sociologists," said Alexander Domrin.

According to experts, it is too early to talk about how the rest of the current presidential campaign. He believes that the decisive factor may be the debate. In addition to their traditional significance, they will also show what kind of physical shape is Biden, who is 20 November, I'll be 78 years old.

"Biden will need to look physically active on stage. In the US there are various rumors about his health, which supported his odd behavior. He said that from the coronavirus died 120 million Americans, it confuses wife and sister. When Biden and trump will appear on the TV screen, I assume that background cheerful, trump will become clear how Biden does not correspond to the post, claimed," said Domrin.

In turn, Vladimir Vasilev has not excluded that by the end of summer the situation in the economy can be stabilized, and it will help Trump.

"There is a view that by the end of summer will start the so-called bounce from the bottom. According to this view, the us economy will feel for the lowest point and will continue to recover. And as with the deterioration of economic indicators went down and ratings of trump because the voter it is evaluated primarily from the point of view of your wallet, it is possible to expect that the President's popularity improves along with the economy," says the analyst.

Vasiliev also did not rule out that in terms of the ongoing unrest, the middle class can support trump, who is not trying to flirt with the protesters, and stands as defender of law and order.

"Rebel blacks and leftists. As for the American middle class, more affluent groups, they tacitly support the use of force aimed at the protection of their property and the rule of law," says the analyst.

Domrin also believes that trump's campaign has potential.

"The victory trump the few who believed in 2016 — because he had no political experience. But he won, and 2019 the results of his work were generally positive. Then came the pandemic and resets all the economic achievements. If not that, then trump would win by a knockout any opponent, especially Biden. But the chances of winning he still has not lost," concluded the analyst.

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