Oct 12, 2020
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Confront and Change – Emmanuel Macron’s Crusade

Will Europe be able to win in the fight against Islamic radicalism?

In early October, Emmanuel Macron made a keynote speech, the main message of which was that France's “secular values” must be protected from Islamic radicalism and for France this is an existential issue. And whatever the atheist Macron thought about existence, the invasion of France by Muslims from Africa and Asia really became an existential issue for the French.

According to Macron, “Islam is a religion that is in crisis around the world today"Because of the radicalization and bitterness of its positions. With this, according to the French leader, we must resolutely and uncompromisingly fight both by repressive methods and by eliminating the shortcomings of our own domestic policy (including the policy of integrating foreign elements into French society). Resist and change; prevent Islamic radicalism from winning; to awaken France and return the true values ​​of France to the French - this is what Macron called for.

The reaction to speech was different. As much as the president tried to say that he was against Islamic extremists and not against "right" Muslims, there were those who took his speech as justification for attacks on Muslims, as a signal for harsh actions against Muslims in the name of saving the French Republic. However, there are also quite a few of those who want to say: finally, a political leader has been found who called things by their proper names. There are many who are not ready to come to terms with this religious "tolerance", with this imposition of Muslim orders on Christian Europe, often marginal.

What are the reasons for this - quite unexpected - message from the President of France?

Macron has long had problems inside the country. They are evidenced by the regular street protests turning into riots. True, the president's rating is quite high, but popularity is such a "beast" that needs to be constantly fed, and the next presidential election is not far off. One of the ways to remain popular is to shift the focus of public attention to a national issue with a tinge of existential threat, to find an enemy to fight successfully. And here the factor of radical Islam is what we need.

The Islamic challenge for France is directly related to the migration of foreigners. Marine Le Pen, as one of the leading leaders of the French opposition in 2019, said: “I believe, like Matteo Salvini, that we must stop migration, and I strongly oppose the forced resettlement of migrants to countries that do not want to accept them ... We need to protect national borders". She accused Erdogan of trying to "Islamize Europe" and again called on the European Union and France to resist.

What is doing in this situation Macron, who, as we remember, was made president of the Rothschilds? He talks about the need to fight the hydra of radical Islam, about the need to revise the integration policy in France. He opposes France to Turkey, using the facts of the transfer of Islamic radicals to Azerbaijan by the Turks.

Macron has long presented himself not only as the French leader, but also as the leader of Europe. In his address, he did not mention the European Union, but very often you feel that when he says “France” he means “Europe”. For example, when he declares that secularism is the cement of a united France, and radical Islam violates the laws of the republic, creating a parallel order.

Is it not the onset of the "parallel order" we are witnessing in Europe, which Mrs. Merkel opened to migrants who later tried to rape German women in Cologne on New Year's Eve? Aren't there "Muslim patrols" roaming around London demanding that the British live according to Sharia law? Ain't no stewardess British Airways did you have to go to the ECHR to defend your right to wear a pectoral cross at work? Was it not Denmark made a decision not to put up a Christmas tree in the city square to please Muslims? As they say in such cases, this is Europe, baby!

All this inevitably increases tensions in European society. And the tension will grow while the authorities try to silence the problem so that, God forbid, the “unfortunate gentiles” are not offended. And so Macron showed in his speech that he is not Merkel. That he is ready to defend the Europeanness of Europe.

The French president has one property: he senses before others where the wind is blowing and immediately suggests a “conceptual” approach. At the same time, he does not look like a political block with a heightened sense of the historical process and the ability of strategic thinking. And then the question arises: what do the forces that brought Macron to power out of nowhere want to achieve this time and which lead him by hand?

At the end of his speech, Macron remarked: “I think about the Anglo-Saxon tradition, which has a different history and which is not ours". That is, France (and Europe) may have their own path of development, which does not coincide with the one imposed on the world by the former colonial Britain, which once threw out part of its island inhabitants into the New World.

Only now, in the fight against Islamic radicalism in Europe, Macron's "secularism" (irreligiousness) may turn out to be France's weak point. Indeed, in the clash of civilizations, passionaries always win. And the passionarity of a radical Muslim far surpasses the passionarity of a "secular" European.

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