May 3, 2022
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Confiscation: McDonald’s, IKEA and others will lose all their property in Russia, and then let them scream to the whole world

Confiscation: McDonald's, IKEA and others will lose all their property in Russia, and then let them scream to the whole world

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofiev/TASS

The Russian authorities will not decide in any way regarding the fate of the property of foreign companies that have ceased their work in the Russian Federation. It seems impossible to nationalize – this is against the Constitution. So just confiscate. Anyway, that’s the last idea. But it is not a fact that it is precisely that the last, previously “fifth column” has already blocked all attempts to turn the assets of “unfriendly” countries into the ownership of our state.

“Today, Russian entrepreneurs are buying foreign companies operating in Russia, buying out the shares of partners who want to leave our market. Act in a civilized manner. Under a right in international law. What cannot be said about a number of unfriendly countries that are simply engaged in theft. In this regard, it is right for a business located in the Russian Federation, whose owners are from unfriendly countries where such decisions are made, to respond with mirror measures: to confiscate these assets. And the proceeds from the sale should be directed to the development of our country, ”said the Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin.

The idea, of course, is sound, especially since “common people” do not hesitate to steal from the Russian Federation its property around the world. But first, Mr. Volodin should have looked into his chamber of parliament.

“The Council for the Codification and Improvement of Civil Legislation under the President of Russia gave a negative review to the bill submitted to the State Duma on the nationalization of assets owned by citizens of unfriendly countries. The initiative contradicts Article 35 of the Russian Constitution, which states that “no one can be deprived of his property except by a court decision.” The forced alienation of property for state needs can only be carried out on condition of preliminary and equivalent compensation, ”said the chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

And offered nothing as an alternative. Although it seems like a doctor of law, a professor, and even the chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia. And jurists are always able to find a “loophole” in any legislation. Their work is like this.

It means that he simply did not want to, and the people from his association did not strain either. Here it is worth remembering that Pavel Vladimirovich had previously been in the Union of Right Forces, was friends with Gaidar, Khakamada, Nemtsov, Chubais, Kovalev and other personalities. Yes, and for the first time he was elected to the State Duma from the Union of Right Forces. Now he is in United Russia, but that doesn’t mean anything…

Compared to the colossal funds seized by the authorities of Western countries – and these are trillions of dollars in total withdrawn from the Russian Federation over the past 30 years – we can “find a paw” on very modest assets. Hundreds of times less valuable. After all, no such “foreign investment”, about which our officials were so fond of broadcasting, never happened. Yes, someone invested something, but very little.

Basically, the money of stock speculators came to the Russian market, they scrolled it here and took it back. With huge profits. It is not known exactly how much financiers have grabbed in Russia, but we are talking about tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars. As you might guess, ours, mostly individuals, have lost.

Long-term “investment” is more than modest. Yes, shares in oil and gas projects are already something, but there are not so many of them. Everything else is trifles. For example, how much does AvtoVAZ cost? IKEA stores, all sorts of “anti-dealers” and other marketing infrastructure? Basically a penny.

Populism? Yes, it looks like it.

“From my point of view, this is part of the apparatus history, in which individual members of our elite become the vanguard of radical demands, assuming that such hyperactivity will be noted by the first person of the state and will affect their career prospects. But far from everything that the speakers of the most radical wing of the Russian elite are now saying is turning into reality. On the other hand, this allows the president to look as before as a guarantor of balance, an arbiter, a centrist who takes a balanced position, in particular, in economic matters. I don’t think that the assets of businessmen from unfriendly countries in Russia will be confiscated,” the head of the “Political Expert Group” believes. Konstantin Kalachev.

But I would like otherwise. Retribution, however limited in scope, must happen. However, apparently, it is not the aggravation of the confrontation with the “general people” that is very scary for someone. The West will endure, and it will not get much poorer. But in Russia, another precedent of what falls under the concept of “nationalization” may happen. Who could be so scared?

It seems like it was already – the “YUKOS case”. But then there was no full-scale conflict between the authorities and the oligarchs, and the mood of the people was completely different. And they did not wage a “hybrid war” against us. Now you can expect anything. That is, it is clear what – a knife in the back. In turn, the mood of the citizens of the Russian Federation in relation to them and other rich people is far from benevolent, and the Russians will celebrate the “landing” of one of the billionaires with songs and dances.

Accordingly, any seizure of any property is now fraught. I mean, they’re afraid of it. And they hinder this process through their people in all possible corridors of power. Having lost their property abroad, they now fear that in Russia they will be “taken for a trunk.” Actually, it would be worth it.

Many wealthy Russians are now paying the price of not wanting to hear from the president and politicians for many years, that the Western legal system, property protection, independent courts are just an illusion. At the same time, in recent years, our government has taken unprecedented soft steps to return capital to Russia, including the creation of two offshore zones in the country. But it seems that even this did not impress our oligarchs, and now they are paying for their unfounded faith in the Western world,” says First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Mikhail Shchapov.

Thus, it turns out that the oligarchs and their accomplices from among the officials combine the protection of their selfish interests with a direct betrayal of the Motherland. But this is only one side of the coin.

The Left Opposition, without exception, advocates the nationalization of strategic industries. For without this step, we will not be able to build a new Russia, not to carry out reindustrialization. And officials do not want to carry it out.

“Replacing American, Finnish, Italian or German with Chinese or Turkish, which our government agencies, officials and private business have taken care of with terrible force, is not import substitution at all, but another game of pocket billiards. Imitation of imitation, common for the last third of a century of our history, extremely beneficial for the organizers of this process. But it gives nothing to the country in terms of actually ensuring its defense capability in the face of external threats and competitiveness in the global economy. The reindustrialization of the country will be ensured and the restoration of normal science, education and medicine in it – a survivor. No no. What all the enemies are still hoping for, ”explains the political scientist Evgeny Satanovsky.

It turns out that the matter is not only in the oligarchs. And there is populism. To reassure the people. The need for economic reforms is understood today by most citizens of the Russian Federation, moreover, they are eagerly awaited. But they can be followed by political reforms! Actually, this is almost inevitable, because the current system unequivocally leads the country to the abyss. And capitalism is also failing abroad. This is what gives hope to the people. To not worry.

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