Sep 13, 2022
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Concrete in the interior: how to make trendy walls in your apartment

Concrete in the interior: how to make trendy walls in your apartment

A concrete wall in the interior is very practical, and a complex gray texture can be considered for years like a painting. Now let’s try to tell you how to make your dream come true and introduce concrete into your interior.

We paid attention: everyone always looks with interest at beautiful photos of interiors with concrete finishes, furniture and even concrete decor. Someone is delighted, someone is outraged, but no one is indifferent. Concrete is definitely beautiful. True, it is a little difficult to implement, and besides, it is not appropriate everywhere.

After all, the main problem of using concrete in the interior is that no one knows:

  • how to make such repairs for yourself: how concrete walls / floors / ceilings are practically made, where to find a skilled craftsman, and what kind of concrete this is;
  • how not to let concrete finishes kill home comfort and how not to turn the house into a factory closet.

Concrete Interior Rules

Let’s start with the second question, here are 3 basic rules for using concrete.

1. Know the measure

Modern technologies make it possible to “dress in concrete” anything: ceiling, walls, floor, furniture, chandeliers, and even boxes of household appliances. But if you want the room to remain residential and comfortable, it is important not to overdo it.

If you live in a standard city apartment, use concrete only on certain surfaces, such as exclusively on the floor or exclusively on the walls (more precisely, even on one of the walls or part of the wall). Only if the area of ​​​​housing exceeds 100 square meters, and each room is spacious and with a high ceiling, you can afford a more brutal concrete finish.

2. Feel the color

Concrete surfaces really seem bare and cold. Fill the room with warmer soft colors to soothe the interior. Don’t worry, it won’t become less dynamic. Designers recommend combining concrete gray with shades of yellow, burgundy and orange, using golden and copper shades of metals.

Consider lighting: let the light be not only warm, but also pointy, that is, it is better to have many cozy lamps at different levels than one bright chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.

3. Keep cozy

Even the most “masculine” concrete interior can and should be cozy and psychologically pleasant. Concrete is very softened by natural wood, rounded upholstered furniture, carpets that are pleasant to the touch. Concrete walls are elegantly combined with velor and velvet textiles, knitted textures, fur and leather (artificial is in trend). Do not be afraid to use “mother’s” objects and furniture in the room, concrete will still make everything more fresh and solid.

How to implement the idea of ​​​​a concrete wall

If your house is built from reinforced concrete structures, feel free to defiantly open the concrete walls. Believe me, typical concrete high-rise buildings are also an architectural heritage, so why not emphasize it? Technically, all you need to do is peel off all the paint, wallpaper and plaster, exposing the concrete, and then coat it with special protective agents for concrete and stone.

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