Feb 24, 2021
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Conchita Wurst showed her looks without makeup

The famous singer Conchita Wurst showed on her Instagram account that she looks without makeup. At the moment, many suckers may not recognize the image thanks to which the artist became popular at Eurovision 2014.

Conchita Wurst showed her looks without makeup

Thomas Neuwirth, a native of Austria, has now decided to post pictures of his own male torso on his account, which, coupled with his short haircut, makes him far from the Wurst appearance that fans are used to seeing.

Not so long ago, he stopped taking photos with bright makeup and does not add hair and eyelashes. The day before, Thomas posted a photograph of him sitting on the floor.

It is noted that for the image of Conchita, stylists tightened his waist with a corset, but now he does not do that much.

Now followers can appreciate the male silhouette of the singer. In 2018, Thomas chatted that he had contracted HIV, after which he had to bypass specialized therapy.

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