Oct 24, 2021
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Comrade chief – you are a great scientist

Comrade chief - you are a great scientist

Photo: Eric Romanenko / TASS

Student example Nikanor Tolstoy, who corrected the “seven-year” clause of the President of the Russian Federation to the “northern” – all of us science. It turns out that any mouth does not necessarily exude the ultimate truth, as the ancients suspected: Errаre humаnum est – It is human nature to make mistakes (lat). There is no need to wait for a detailed analysis of Vladimir Putin’s extreme Valdai speech from the state media and official political scientists.

First, they have very little time, given the multiplicity of news stories generated from the Kremlin – here, at least just to keep up.

Secondly, the fabulist remarked: “Why, without fear of sin, does the cuckoo praise the rooster? For giving the cuckoo money! ” Or Krylov put it differently? You see, I can’t remember everything!

Thirdly, at the meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, many excellent theses were voiced, such as “reasonable conservatism” (the word “reasonable” is magic, you can substitute it for anything: “reasonable socialism” or even, God forgive me, “reasonable liberalism”) …

However, the political and philosophical aspirations of the highest minds do not always excite “only everyone”. Whether it is a “covid” that frightened humanity. Therefore, it is natural that Vladimir Vladimirovich could not pass by:

“In this regard, I will again note how severe and dangerous the coronavirus pandemic has become. All over the world, as we know, more than 4 million 900 thousand people have died from it. These terrible figures are comparable and even exceed the military losses of the main participants in the First World War. “

There is the International Encyclopedia of the First World War, which is based on military statistics (civilian casualties were counted separately), there are calculations by American and French universities, pedantic work has been done by German researchers, Russian scientists also have noteworthy works.

Despite all the objective difficulties, reservations, differing methods and assessments, a certain consensus of purely “military losses” (without the “civilian population”) has emerged, reflected at least in textbooks (in various ones), at least in Wikipedia. The Entente has about (over) 5 million military personnel (for all reasons). The Triple Alliance has about 4.5 million (according to the same criteria).

Total under 10 million “irrecoverable losses” from the “main participants” (the numbers of “absolutely all” are much higher). But even without how the 4.9 million deaths from COVID-19 “are comparable and even exceed the military losses in the First World War” – another mystery of Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Here are some of the nuances with nonsense – “victims of the pandemic” are considered for the entire period from the “very beginning”. I will not bore about “correctness and relevance”, “population growth”, “population aging” and other “little things”, but what if the same approach was applied to other “painful adversities”? Calculate, and how many died from tuberculosis, for example? Or from the “aggregate” of influenza viruses in their entire history (more Hippocrates worried about the outbreak of “Perinthian cough”)? Yes, compare those “top” with NCDs – “noncommunicable diseases” by the number of deaths, broken down by proportion and cause of death?

However, let’s leave the “thick jungle”, I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that the “victims of the pandemic” are not yet comparable to the “victims of the First World War.” However, if you intensively add “wave to wave” (and why was “seasonality” renamed “wave”?), Then, probably, they will “catch up and overtake”. Where the Russian president is absolutely infallible already now is his opinion “one should not impose, but convince” and “increase confidence in the actions of the state”.

Only here is how to “persuade and improve” when Vladimir Vladimirovich says: “Vaccination against coronavirus infection has not been included in the National Calendar, therefore, in this sense, it is not mandatory”.

And he immediately continues: “But in accordance with the current law, regional authorities have the right to introduce compulsory vaccination.”

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