Jan 2, 2022
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Computer addiction in adolescents: how to prevent

Computer addiction in adolescents: how to prevent

Learn from the publication how to prevent teenagers from becoming addicted to computer games.

Computer gambling addiction is one of the problems of modern adolescents, a stumbling block for fathers and children of the 21st century. Having started as an innocent hobby, an escape from children’s boredom on weekends and vacations, the passion for computer games leads to significant mental disorders of adolescents.

Parental prohibitions will not help matters. Disconnecting access to the Internet, throwing a computer or game console out of the window, “protecting” the child from the negative influence of virtual worlds is the main mistake of many parents.

Such drastic decisions most often lead to anger of the child and the emergence of a desire to look for an opportunity to play in another place, not at home. In the morning, mom will give her son money for a school lunch and send the child to school with peace of mind.

And the son on the way will turn to the Internet club next to the school and sit there for half a day. If you do not pay attention to this in time, the child will disappear in the evenings and even at night (under the pretext of spending the night with a friend). Therefore, if a child asks to buy a set-top box, a computer or connect to the Internet, do not rush to deny him this (“Here’s more, you will become addicted to the game!”) – it is much easier to cope with gambling addiction “on the spot” and not to catch his friends and in Internet clubs.

Watch your child. As you know, it is always easier to prevent a problem than to deal with it – but many forget about this, being too liberal about the initially “innocent hobby” of the child. If he is limited to a couple of hours of computer games a day, fully communicates with friends, has other hobbies, plays sports (football, roller skating, etc.), does not miss school, sleeps and eats well, then you should not worry.

If you notice changes in your child’s behavior, he sits up at the computer for a long time, is easily aroused, has sleep and appetite disorders, is not keen on anything other than playing – it’s time to sound the alarm.

Particular attention should be paid to sons in this matter – boys are more mentally unstable and more easily amenable to various negative influences.

Organization of teenager’s leisure: not by games alone. It is not surprising if in a family where everyone is busy exclusively with their own problems: dad with work, and mom with household chores, the child begins to play computer games out of boredom.

Many parents are initially comfortable with this position: “Do at least something, just do not interfere!”

Surprisingly, for some reason, almost all parents are sure that small children need increased attention, but few know that adolescents should be given equal attention. But the fact that a child becomes addicted to computer games is often just the indifference of parents.

Spend time together, finding common interests: go outdoors on weekends, play board games, often organize a home cinema, do crafts, go in for sports together.

Talk to your child more often about his problems. Do not under any circumstances give a negative assessment to the modern hobbies of young people if they captivate your child – even if you do not understand hip-hop, parkour and graffiti a hundred times.

Of course, at this age, the child has the right to his own secrets, and being too annoying parent is also not worth it.

The authority of the parents is of great importance. It is unlikely that a dad, himself playing dandy for the whole weekend, or a mom who constantly communicates with her friends in ICQ, have the right to demand restrictions from their own child in communicating with a computer (game console).

It is as silly as cherishing the hope that a child will grow up in a family of smokers who will never touch a cigarette in his life. And there is no need for the phrases “At your age, I did not even know what a computer is.” – the child does not care at all what you did when you were 14 years old.

He takes an example from you now. Try to use the computer mainly for work, for self-education or creativity, and instill a similar culture of communication with the computer and the Internet in your child.

Emphasize that the Internet can be a friend and helper, and can become an enemy and cause of mental disorders in a child – and try to guide your child along the first path.

For game consoles, try to control the content of the games your child enjoys as much as possible. Recommend him to “dilute” hard action games with logic games and quests.

An excellent option are modern developmental attachments, thanks to which the child can combine rest and learning. Many games provide an opportunity to play together – “ask” to play with your child! Kill two birds with one stone: spend time together and find out what your child is playing.

If you notice signs of gambling addiction in your child, do not hesitate and seek the help of a psychologist. To begin with, it can be a school psychologist, if it does not help – a more experienced specialist, a psychotherapist.

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