Oct 15, 2020
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Compulsory vaccination began in Moscow

Autumn has come, and traditionally the influenza vaccination campaign has already started. Rospotrebnadzor routinely explained why these vaccinations are needed. All the instructions of the department were, as before, recommendatory. However, there were also too diligent leaders who, "having taken under the hood", decided not only to implement the recommendations, but to turn them into instructions requiring immediate and strict implementation, forgetting, however, that the laws in our country have not been canceled.

Vaccination against influenza is an annual campaign, and this is explained by the fact that virus strains are constantly mutating, respectively, the composition of vaccines changes, so new vaccinations have to be done. Most of all, vaccination is needed for those who belong to the "risk group" - young children, the elderly and those who have chronic diseases.

As explained in Rospotrebnadzor, strains of influenza viruses constantly mutate, in connection with which the composition of vaccines is updated, therefore influenza vaccination is carried out annually. Photo: Igor Ivanko / AGN "Moscow".

This year, of course, the epidemiological situation is more alarming than before: the coronavirus infection is superimposed on the flu season. Therefore, calls for flu shots are more insistent. But only appeals, not requirements calling for strict implementation.

So the question, "to be vaccinated or not", is up to everyone for himself, although, of course, there are certain professional exceptions. But for some reason, not all leaders remember that "the freedom of citizens to receive medical care for themselves or their minor children" is enshrined in Art. 41 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and in paragraph 1 of Art. 5 of Law No. 157-FZ "On Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases". That is, citizens can refuse vaccinations, and this is their constitutional right.

For vaccinations, step march?

The rector of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Nikolai Rogalev, together with other heads of the university, voluntarily received a flu shot on October 1. According to him, this is how he decided to set an example for both university teachers and students, so that they also protect their health by being vaccinated.

However, a few days later it turned out that the MPEI decided to make flu shots a mandatory procedure for all students "in order to avoid the simultaneous illness of viral infections and COVID-19."

A circular was distributed among the students, from 8 to 10 October "vaccination days" were announced at the university, and the students were told at the meeting that Rospotrebnadzor ordered to cover 75-80% of students with vaccinations. They say, otherwise, MPEI will have to switch to distance learning, or the institute may even be deprived of accreditation. How true this is remains unknown.

And soon strange events began to occur at the university: some students who had not been vaccinated were not allowed to attend classes. One of the students even posted a video recorded in front of the entrance to the institute's gym. Indeed, the physical education teacher did not allow those students who had not been vaccinated and did not have a medical outlet in the classroom.

“There are 3 more days to be vaccinated, and this is a must for everyone,” he said. To the students' questions about how legal it is, the teacher sent them for clarifications to the dean's office or directly to the rector.

Patrols in corridors and classrooms

As it turned out, the MPEI management did not stop at the requirements of mandatory vaccination and introduced "additional preventive measures" at the university.

As in many other universities, MPEI students were obliged to wear masks at lectures, and special "patrols" will now control the fulfillment of these requirements. Photo: Lev Vlasov / Keystone Press Agency / Globallookpress.

Among them - patrolling the classrooms and corridors of the Institute by the Center for Comprehensive Law Enforcement of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. The staff of the Center will monitor the observance of the mask regime and social distance both during lectures and in between them. Checks will be organized at the entrances to the buildings of the institute.

As stated in the address to students, "the requirements of the patrols are mandatory for staff and students." Failure to comply with the mask regime, social distancing or patrol requirements for students "will be subject to disciplinary action." Which ones are not specified.

Let's get over Monday and complain

The situation at the university is very ambiguous. Of course, in the published recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, students and teachers are classified as a risk group, so they are especially advised to get vaccinated against influenza. But they advise, we do not see any strict conditions or instructions to do this "without fail" at the disposal of the department. So why did the university administration make such a strange decision?

“The ministries are tightening the screws on us. My head of the department told me that they are imposing on us a widespread vaccination by Monday. if we get vaccinated, the MEI will survive Monday. And then you can write and complain to the prosecutor's office, "Andrey Afanasyev commented on the situation.

But why did some of the students learn about compulsory vaccination not even from an official order from the university, but from publications in the media? When the information was nevertheless confirmed - the corresponding appeal among the students was distributed by the MPEI management - this caused even greater discontent among many students.

In the public "Overheard at MEI" on the social network "VKontakte", virtual battles between those who are ready to be vaccinated against the flu and their opponents began on Thursday evening, October 8, when vaccination was announced.

“I believe that everyone has the right to do as he sees fit, relying on the existing legislation, and not on how the MPEI administration told him“ out of the blue, ”wrote Georgy Ivanov.

"In my opinion, it is absolutely unacceptable in this format to force people to vaccinate. Especially against the flu. It is unacceptable to threaten expulsion and force the time of vaccination. simultaneous illness with coronavirus and influenza, and in general about the likelihood of such an event, tell why the vaccine is safe and works). There is more likelihood of a normal attitude to this process in the future and more confidence in the administration of the university, "says Elena Sadovskaya.

Help your enemies gather information?

A screenshot of the "circular" with an appeal to students was published by journalist Anna Shafran on her Telegram channel. Surprisingly, it already mentions 100 percent vaccination of students. At the same time, the text of the appeal contains a link to "Methodological recommendations MP 3.1 / 2.1.0205-20" of Rospotrebnadzor.

Well, let's read these recommendations. Wait, they don't say anything about vaccination, just not a single word! We are talking exclusively about general cleaning, the use of antiseptic agents and other preventive measures, including the provision of masks to students and staff of the educational institution. Where did the "mandatory vaccination" come from? Unknown.

Anna Shafran draws attention to one more point of this document: group leaders must collect data on the vaccination of students, and then enter them into a Google form, a link to which will be sent by the university administration in a separate letter. And this moment also alerted the journalist. In her opinion, in this way they decided to "help the enemies not to bother collecting information on Russian citizens."

Commenting on the situation as a whole, Anna Shafran noted that attempts to force students to get vaccinated are contrary to Russian law. At the same time, she continued, those students who refuse to get vaccinated will in fact be impaired in their rights, since they may not be allowed to attend classes and other events:

This is how Overton windows work. First, you are obliged to get a flu shot, while at the same time cutting off the rights of those who do not. And in the final we come to the conclusion that everyone on command will be obliged to inject at any moment with what they say. And if you do not do this, you will find yourself an outcast. Trampling and circumcision of rights, which occurs little by little, step by step, imperceptibly, is not just a dangerous situation. This is fraught with the most monstrous results.

Maybe the words of the journalist will seem too harsh to someone. But, in fact, it turns out exactly like this: he did not get vaccinated, was not allowed to take classes, and there he was just a stone's throw away "for systematic absences."

Another thing is interesting: who is the author of this "circular" shown by Anna Shafran? And who decided that students who had not received the flu vaccine should be kept out of class? After all, neither on the MPEI website, nor in the address of the rector Nikolai Rogalev, which appeared on October 5, there is no indication that this procedure is mandatory. So who turned out to be that overly executive person who decided to make "coercion" out of the usual recommendations, and even with penalties? Do we know the answer to this question?

Alya Samitova

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