Jun 11, 2022
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Composition of an international crime

Western propaganda continues to spin another mega-theme – “the coming world famine through the fault of Russia.” This propaganda in all cases – from the high-like “poisoning of the Skripals” and “the explosion by Petrov and Bashirov of the Czech ammunition depot” to the staged “tragedy of Bucha” – uses the same arsenal of means. The main “trump card” of these campaigns is the ignorance of the Western man in the street, who, in terms of his susceptibility to psychic attacks, is like plasticine, from which anything can be molded. Here, no reliable arguments and facts, no logic are not only needed, but also contraindicated, because they make you think. Ukrainian propaganda works according to Hitler’s canons, which called for influencing “the simplest feelings of the masses.” According to the same canons, the campaign of blaming Russia for “the coming world famine” was also planed. At the center of speculation on this topic is the “problem of Ukrainian grain”, the existence of which Moscow has repeatedly refuted with the facts in hand. The Pentagon is working on its part of the propaganda order: “This is an important topic, the impact of which is felt around the world. If you ask if the military in the region can contribute here, then of course we can. But we always strive to reach a diplomatic solution first. ..” At the same time, the Pentagon chief knows perfectly well that the US Navy cannot help “unblocking Ukrainian ports” in any way: the passage of any warships of non-Black Sea powers to the Black Sea is prohibited by Turkey, the host country of the Black Sea straits, on the basis of the Montreux Convention. What, then, is the basis of his cheerful assurances? If the Washington leadership, including Austin, were really interested in resolving existing problems, and not in fanning anti-Russian hysteria, they would act differently. For the real problem is by no means connected with “the decisive importance of Ukrainian grain supplies for saving mankind from starvation,” but with the fact that the Black Sea has indeed become dangerous for navigation of any ships. The problem is that the Kyiv authorities have committed an international war crime in the Black Sea. By order of Kyiv, the sea approaches to the Ukrainian Black Sea ports are mined with sea mines with an expired shelf life and without the possibility of their self-destruction in the event of a break in the anchor cable and sending them to free navigation. These Kyiv “gifts” began to surface in different parts of the water area, including the Bosphorus. And even one accidental undermining of maritime transport in this area can clog the most important maritime transport artery for a long time. And that’s just the flowers! The criminal berries lie in the fact that the Ukrainian Navy mined the Black Sea, knowing that they are not capable of clearing it: the “naval forces of Ukraine” do not have such a class of ships as minesweepers. More precisely, they are parked in the port of Sevastopol under the protection of the Black Sea Fleet. The Ukrainian side, long before the current events, refused to take them away, despite repeated proposals from the Russian side. Ukrainian sea minesweepers “Cherkassy” and “Chernihiv” laid up in Sevastopol “The world community” should be grateful to Russia for the fact that its warships stopped the malicious activities of one of Ukraine’s sea minelayers – the Netishin diving vessel: “Chernomorsky Frigate fleet “Admiral Makarov” project 11356 prevented an attempt to mine the vessel of the Ukrainian Navy in the Black Sea. This was reported by a source familiar with the situation. The incident occurred on the night of March 22. The Ukrainian military vessel was defused. According to the source, around 01:00 Moscow time on March 22, the Ukrainian “Neteshin” military diving vessel of project 535M carried out night minelaying. The Russian Navy detected an attempted minelaying, after which the frigate “Admiral Makarov” opened fire … At about 01:50 Moscow time, “Neteshin” washed ashore. After that, the intensity of the installation of Ukrainian minefields in the Black Sea practically came to naught. Nevertheless, Ukraine has done its dirty work. The northwestern part of the Black Sea is mined with the prospect of spreading the mine threat to the entire Black Sea basin. At the same time, the Kyiv authorities “washed their hands” due to their technical inability to eliminate this naval self-blockade. So if other Black Sea countries do not want to endlessly plow the Black Sea mined by Kyiv, they will have to join the process of its neutralization. This is exactly what Russia and Turkey are doing now, conducting intensive consultations on ways to eliminate the threat of mines. Both countries have everything necessary for this, including modern sea minesweepers with underwater unmanned fighters of sea mines on board. Sea minesweeper of the Russian Navy of project 12700 “Alexander Obukhov”, equipped with an unmanned anti-mine boat of the Inspector Mk 2 type. In any case, the following must be guaranteed. The transport corridors created in the Ukrainian minefields for sea vessels should be used exclusively for the transportation of peaceful cargo, including, if necessary, the same grain. This condition must be ensured by appropriate control mechanisms, since the Western powers can establish covert deliveries of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine by sea under the guise of transporting civilian products. In addition, this transport channel can also be used by the Kyiv regime to export and sell on the global black market those weapons that are currently being sent by the West to Ukraine. Ukraine has long had a bad reputation as one of the main hubs for international arms smuggling. The problem does exist, but it does not lie in the same plane as the West is talking about. The problem is to eliminate the consequences of the irresponsible actions of the Ukrainian leadership, which first turned the Black Sea into a minefield, then admitted its inability to clear it, and today demands Harpoon anti-ship missiles to destroy Russian ships instead of handing them maps of minefields.

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