Apr 23, 2022
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Compliment messages from boyfriend ended with impolite message about unattractive body

unattractive body messageCadigan Smith has been dating her new beau for some time now and has melted away from the abundance of messages with compliments.

unattractive body message

Of course, the resident of the United States was pleased to read that she is the most beautiful girl in the world, and a man will never get tired of spending time with her. But the romantic happiness ended in an instant, when, quite unexpectedly, Cadigan received a message on a completely opposite topic. A new acquaintance informed the lady that the relationship should be terminated, because they are completely false, as the man finds the body of his acquaintance unattractive.

unattractive body message

The woman shared the strange incident on social media, and users cannot believe how rude and impolite some people can be. Yes – not all relationships last a lifetime, and breaks happen. Yes, some people might get upset. But the cavalier had plenty of ways to state this in a much more delicate manner. However, Cadigan stated that she was not mortally wounded, and she had the strength to laugh at the impudent eccentric.

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