Jan 8, 2021
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Complex riddles on the theme of “family”

As they say, the most important thing is the weather in the house. This famous truth must be instilled in a child from an early age. Complex riddles about a family with answers will help in this as well as possible.

For brothers, sisters, as well as moms and dads

  1. I’m a little afraid of him, he’s big, like dad. He is a relative of his mother, a wise older brother (uncle).
  2. She is with me when I feel bad, swears when I am naughty. But even despite this, I really cherish her (mother).mom with baby
  3. He’s always playing games with me. When mom has no time, he helps her (dad).
  4. There are usually many people in it, maybe two in it. Everyone lives in only one house – it’s usually more fun (family).
  5. She is completely dear to me, although we can play pranks. We can fight, but put up – we still live together (sister).
  6. If you and I are chatting innocently, we love to play together, between us – … (friendship).
  7. We go to school with her, and together in lessons. But if only without her, then I feel very bad (friend).
  8. He bakes pies, whirls, wants to please everywhere. Don’t let her drink water – just let her feed (grandmother).
  9. He is a little younger than me – he still crawls completely. I play with him as long as I don’t bother myself (brother).
  10. We are resting with her, she is my father’s sister. She very rarely comes, she (aunt) lives far away.
  11. He walks along the path with a stick. And then he sits down – he will rest a little (grandfather).
  12. Not a sister, but very close. She is a relative of me. A little bit older, not much. We are almost on par with her (cousin).
  13. He often gives me gifts, loves, like my mother. I also go to visit her. So, on Christmas Eve (godmother).
  14. He is so big, already scary. Like all his friends. I know that he is my senior, he protects me (brother).
  15. He’s a very good dad, but not for me. Dad he is to my dad. Well, for me – the father is doubly (grandfather).

Guess with the kids

Complex riddles about the family will make everyone around you think. How many puzzles can you do?

  1. He smiles modestly, rejoices at me. She always screams for good, and never for harm (mom).
  2. At home I am always calm, at home I am always warm. All adversity will wait, because in our family … (comfort)
  3. I have him very strong, and always hardy. Maybe he steers the car, he is the best of … (dad)
  4. This is not dad, this is not mom. We do not live separately, we cannot live on our own. We are all best friends because we are … (family).a family
  5. Elder and smart. I listen to her. After all, if I disobey, (sister) will begin to punish.
  6. This woman knows how to fry and bake everything in the world. And she runs to meet her grandchildren – she needs to take care of them (grandmother).
  7. Mom’s not alone. Mom has two of us. If I am a son for her, it turns out he is also (brother).
  8. Such a beautiful girl settled in our house. She is my mother’s daughter. That’s how strange it turned out (sister).
  9. His whole gray head is from knowledge. He lived so many years, he hardly remembers them (grandfather).
  10. Everything screams “aha, aha”, and then only “mom”. He’s so loud all over, small, stubborn (son).
  11. I need to respect him. He is both strong and big. Together with my mother, they grew up in the family alone (uncle).
  12. If it were not for her, we would not have lived peacefully. We are talking about the feeling we are, light and mutual (love).
  13. We can all gather in one place, at one time. Very clean here, bright. There is a lot of mess (house).
  14. A small doll, opens its eyes. Mom wraps her up and reads fairy tales (daughter).
  15. He seemed to be very young, but now he is quite grown up. I went to my grandmother for the summer, in pies he got his nose dirty (grandson).

With love about the most important

Give your little one a piece of warmth by making family day riddles. Thus, he will not only remember the people he loves, but also broaden his own horizons.

  1. He worked as much as we all never dreamed of. We want his heart to beat forever (grandfather).granddad
  2. Kind, always smiling. She’s also a mom. True, only not for me, but for my cousin (aunt).
  3. She is often visiting her beloved grandmother. It happens that she helps her: she flies on the site (granddaughter).
  4. You can’t go on without it. I love her very much. Maybe I’m even still small – I’ll stand up for her (mom).
  5. She is much older than mom or uncle. She is always busy, does not think that will be enough (grandmother).
  6. For two we have toys, for two we have a cat. Together with him we go to school. If anything, he will wait (brother).
  7. It’s always fun with them, but sometimes it’s sad. When they grow up, you lose weight, but when they grow up, they are empty (children).
  8. Mom, dad, bird sisters, animal brothers. Who are they, tell me together, together they are… (relatives).
  9. They sit at the table, eat together, live. We all have her – very friendly … (family)
  10. I give all my toys to her. Let him play with dolls – I can no longer (sister).
  11. Together they will have to go through a lot, endure: get married, settle down, and put on shoes and clothe children (spouses).
  12. He, too, is like a dad to me – he will certainly protect me. By the way, they used to share their life with him (uncle).
  13. He knows all the solutions to all my problems. For me, he is the best. The main thing for him is … (family).
  14. My mother in a white dress with my father on the arm went. Who was that then, after all, not a mother, not a wife (bride)?

Be sure your kids will love these puzzles!

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