May 17, 2020
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“Communists of Russia” propose to adopt a law on the development of pioneer

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The Communists of Russia party proposes to adopt a federal law to support the development of a pioneer organization nationwide, RIA reported News Chairman of the Central Committee of the Party Maxim Suraikin.

“On the day of the pioneer, I will most likely turn to the President of the Russian Federation with a proposal to adopt a federal law to support the development of a pioneer organization throughout the country ... If there was a federal law that would oblige public authorities to help such pioneer groups, then, I think, this the revival process will go intensively, ”said Suraykin.

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In his opinion, it is necessary to revive this huge organization, through which almost all Soviet citizens with the best memories passed.

“Today ... it is especially important to work with youth, to conduct patriotic education, to teach children to be a team, to love their homeland - all this was given by the pioneer,” the chairman of the Central Committee of the party emphasized.

He also added that in reality pioneer organizations exist now throughout the country, there are not so many of them, and they are scattered from each other. “It all rests on the cooperation and initiative of those people, parents who remember and organize it. Our regional committees always help such teams,” Suraykin explained.

“But it’s necessary make a state decision, federal law, so that there is support for state and municipal authorities. Because in order to work with children, you still need a room, you need some funds, maybe small ones, for paraphernalia, for organizing events for children’s sports, competitions and so on, ”he said.

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