Sep 10, 2021
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Commodity occupation

Commodity occupation

The Daily Mail columnist, who decided to conduct an experiment – to buy consumer electronics not manufactured in China – failed it unsuccessfully: he found only a toaster assembled in Great Britain, everything else was done in the Middle Kingdom.

As it turned out, Great Britain, like many other countries, is critically dependent on Chinese supplies. Famous British brands have transferred all their production to the PRC, which, thanks to the gigantic scale of the industry that meets the needs of the whole world, can afford lower prices. Thus, Beijing stifles any production on the European continent. And leading brands with the help of their powerful advertising support the myth of the high quality of their products, although in reality even durable goods often fail in the shortest possible time, after a year or two, and cannot be repaired.

The Daily Mail writes that it is impossible to imagine the real scale of the “Chinese invasion” of goods. Luc Noonen, director of consumer electronics distributor company, admitted that “we are hugely dependent on China, perhaps too much.” If China stops supplying, England will “stop”, many goods will disappear, because all consumer electronics are supplied from the Middle Kingdom. As a result, Great Britain, which once bore the title of a world factory and its products were considered the standard of quality, is now deeply dependent on China.

And this dependence is growing every year: imports from Beijing last year reached 49 billion pounds, while in 2000 this figure was only 5.2 billion.

The Daily Mail says that some Britons are now switching to older vehicles that have already been refurbished to avoid buying low-quality Chinese goods.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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