Jun 13, 2022
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Coming for a lottery win, the man expected a much smaller amount than it was supposed to

winning more than expectedA resident of Pembroke (North Carolina, USA) came to the headquarters of the state lottery to collect the winnings.

winning more than expected

Joshua Locklear, who made sure that the ticket he bought turned out to be lucky, was sure that he had won $600. But the lucky one misunderstood the information on the ticket, although this is exactly the same mistake that brought him not annoyance, but great joy. A stunned Joshua found out that he was not getting $600 at all, but a jackpot of $585,949.

winning more than expected

Of course, this was a terrific surprise for our hero. At first he did not believe that he really got the jackpot. Now Joshua is busy making nice plans, like buying a new house and a car.

Romantic husband pleased his wife with a lottery ticket with a generous win


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