Mar 29, 2021
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Comfortable equipment – easy training

Comfortable equipment - easy training

For sports uniforms, high-tech developments of synthetic material are used: polyester, polyester, spandex.

Any sport requires special equipment. Clothes, footwear, protective elements. The development of “sports” fabrics is carried out using scientific advances. After all, there are many wishes for such clothes. For example, volleyball players are in constant motion and physical activity, because this is a dynamic and active game. Women’s volleyball uniform should be comfortable to play and easy to clean.

When synthetics are good

For sports uniforms, high-tech developments of synthetic material are used: polyester, polyester, spandex. Often, matter has a cellular structure, the so-called pseudo-grid. Clothes made from such material are designed not to hinder movement. And it is advisable to spend not very much time caring for her. That is, it should be easy to wash, not wrinkle, and require additional ironing. Modern synthetic fabrics are non-allergenic and harmless.

For athletes, the following characteristics of synthetics are important:

  • High elasticity. Polyurethane fibers, which are the basis for the production of sports fabrics, are very tensile and resilient. The fabric stretches and instantly returns to its original shape. This allows the athlete to make movements with a large amplitude.
  • Air permeability. Socks, knee-highs, shoes, equipment – all things must “breathe”. Due to its ventilation properties, the fabric does not impede the passage of air. It circulates freely, which allows moisture to move away from the skin and control overheating of the body.

Many modern technologies have been developed for the production of sportswear, which allow you to train and play in the most comfortable conditions. For example, there are fabrics with micro holes that let sweat out but keep moisture out. This is great for outdoor rainy day workouts.

Classic models of volleyball uniforms, for both men and women, are represented by short-sleeved T-shirts and shorts. In addition, women can choose for themselves tight models with tops or T-shirts. Or replenish your sporty wardrobe with a feminine skirt-shorts.

Tracksuits are presented in a variety of models, color combinations. The site has shoes, equipment and accessories from leading manufacturers who guarantee the quality of their products. Convenient training and well-deserved victories!

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