Oct 13, 2020
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Comedy Woman star Nadezhda Sysoeva supported Timati’s participation in “Bachelor”

19:05, 13.10.2020

The actress said that the new season of the show will be the best in the history of the project.

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On October 8 it became known that rapper Timati will become the hero of the eighth season of the show "The Bachelor" on TNT. The creators of the reality said that after the announcement of the hero, the number of casting applications increased sharply: about 30 thousand girls from all over the world are going to fight for the artist's heart. By the way, just a month ago Timati broke up with Anastasia Reshetova, who at the end of last year gave birth to the musician's son Ratmir.

Many stars of Russian show business sharply criticized Timati's participation in the show "The Bachelor". Many believed that the rapper and his ex-lover lied about their breakup in order to stir up interest in the program. But the Comedy Woman star Nadezhda Sysoeva defended Timati. The actress stated that she is a longtime fan of the show "The Bachelor" and does not miss a single episode. According to Nadezhda, the season with Timati will be the best in the history of reality. Sysoeva also stressed: she believes that real feelings are shown in the show, and the characters are really trying to find their love.

Nadezhda Sysoeva supported Timati's participation in "Bachelor"

“I have been watching this show for several years, I even know some bachelors and participants! And I am 100% sure that THIS SEASON will be the best! I also sincerely believe that "The Bachelor" is not only a beautiful story, but also real emotions and feelings, "said Nadezhda Sysoeva in her microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given unchanged. - Prim. row.).

Recall that many stars of show business spoke out against Timati's participation in "The Bachelor". So, the leading "Let's get married!" Roza Syabitova expressed doubts about the fact that "Bachelor" will help Timati find a suitable life partner. TV presenter Ksenia Borodina also adheres to a similar position, who noted that they go to the Bachelor for PR, not for feelings. Singer Slava was completely outraged by the rapper's participation in reality, saying that modern stars are ready to do anything to earn popularity. Rita Dakota also said that such shows present children with incorrect attitudes. According to the singer, a man who abandoned two darlings with babies in his arms is not worthy of being considered an enviable groom. The ex-hero of "The Bachelor" Yegor Creed said that the former mentor on the Black Star label was simply copying him. Well, Timati's former lover Anastasia Reshetova said that after the rapper's participation in the show, one can not count on their reunion.

Timati with Anastasia Reshetova and son Ratmir

Yesterday Timati responded to criticism addressed to him. He published a photo with his son Ratmir on his microblog on Instagram and hinted that he did not care about someone else's opinion, at the same time making fun of everyone who condemned him. "While mothers and all sorts of" second-rate "singers are discussing the moral and ethical aspects of Timur Ildarovich's life in the comments, Ratmir Timurovich is increasingly liking butterflies, white shirts and eating roses," said the artist. Earlier, Timati said that this season of "Bachelor" will be the best.

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