Sep 18, 2021
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Come on, Biden, give me your suitcase! Nuclear…

Photo: US President Joe Biden

Photo: US President Joe Biden (Photo: AP / TASS)

The last American presidents – what is objectionable to the US elite Donald Trumpthat came (or crawled?) to replace him Joseph Biden – do not control the “nuclear button”. This was reported by Bob Woodward in his just-published book Risk: The 78-year-old journalist quoted the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Millie, who confessed to him that, not trusting Trump, he changed the order of making decisions on a nuclear strike. But Woodward can be trusted, he arranged Watergate half a century ago, depriving him of the presidency Nixon – writes RIA Novosti.

By law, the President of the United States decides whether to launch nuclear missiles. Of course, after consulting the military, with the same chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But the military in any case must answer: “Yes, sir!” – and unquestioningly carry out the decisions of the president elected by the American people.

And now it turns out not so – everything is done behind the scenes. The warriors may one time fail to comply with the president’s insane decision, and the other time they may carry out exactly the same insane decision they made on their own. This is how an element of unpredictability arises in the actions of the current “world gendarme”.

Russian political scientist Sergei Markov believes that in the last days of his presidency, Trump was excommunicated from the helm of power:

“America has a decision-making system that includes the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and, oddly enough, the Vice President. The President cannot decide something important on his own. But if during previous administrations the current president made a decision, although not alone, he could influence the final decision, now Joseph Biden cannot influence them. His entourage is more likely to ignore him.

This is not about the fact that the American president could start a nuclear war earlier, but now others can start it. It’s about the distribution of power within America’s “nuclear committee”. The situation is not dramatic, it’s just that the President of the United States is a mentally disabled person, let’s call a spade a spade. He is intellectually incapacitated not only in nuclear issues, but also in many others. Some other people make decisions for him. This is an extremely alarming situation. It shows that a nuclear superpower is in crisis.

We also once had such a situation. In the last years of the existence of the USSR Leonid Brezhnev did not make decisions on his own. The Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, which also included very elderly people, thought for him. But this was a manifestation of the crisis that ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I do not know how it will end this time in the United States, but more and more decisions are made there by people who are not controlled by the people – this is a fact. Democracy in America is in a colossal crisis. It comes to the point that all over the world questions arise: who makes the decisions?

The American press is perplexed: who are Biden’s advisers? Both ordinary Americans and world leaders want to know this, so that they are not so much afraid.

“SP”: – But maybe the problem is far-fetched? We, too, once talked about “collective Putin”. Now in America there is a “collective Biden”, that’s all.

– “Collective Biden” was before. The difference is that in the “collective Putin” Putin himself plays a key role, while in the “collective Biden” Joseph Biden plays the role of a half-dead screen …

Nevertheless, the American system works at the very least. The same General Mark Milli, without informing Donald Trump’s “lame duck”, once called his Chinese counterpart, the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission. Lee Zochenu and asked him not to worry – the transfer of power will take place as usual. They say that Trump, even if he suddenly wants to bomb China, will not be able to, they will not give it. It is unlikely that Donald was planning to do something like that.

In any case, certain processes are taking place in America, the result of which can be learned, probably, only when they are over. If they run out at all. There is no one to ask. Biden could have responded with his childlike spontaneity, but his microphone is turned off at rare press conferences.

One has only to guess. For example, there are rumors about The Third Offset “Third replacement” plan. The first two happened after the defeat of the United States in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. And here again, the main military adversary of the United States is appointed approximately equal in strength. This is Russia plus China. Not the good old “international terrorism” that we have fought together with America in recent decades, but two superpowers. Defeating them – in theory – will ensure America’s habitual dominance in a new, rapidly changing world. But what is this theory?

Colonel General, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov believes she is well known for at least a hundred years:

– The basic theory of the restoration of world control (domination, leadership, whatever), accepted by the Americans, rests on Russia. More British Halford Mackinder in 1904 he put forward the theory of control of the world space, through the control of Eurasia. He called it “the world island”. And through its center passes, in his opinion, Heartland – “the geographical axis of history.” At this place, the vast territory of Russia stretches.

In order to control the Heartland, you need to control Eastern Europe. According to his formula: “Whoever controls Eastern Europe controls the Heartland. Who controls Heartlend controls Eurasia. Who controls Eurasia – disposes of the destinies of the world “… This means that Russia was, is and remains on the agenda. Then they did not pay much attention to China, which by the end of the nineteenth century was in a state of decline.

After World War II, the Americans were solving an intermediate task – to lower Great Britain to the level of an average country. Seize leadership in the oceans and seas and make the US dollar the world currency instead of the British pound sterling. Thanks to Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, his kind, constructive relationship with Franklin Delano Roosevelt – they solved this problem.

In 1944, an agreement was signed in the city of Bretton Woods on a world reserve volute. The dollar has pushed the pound sterling. At first, the USSR agreed with this, but then the wise Joseph Vissarionovich forced the Ministry of Finance to calculate everything – will the dollar be backed by a gold reserve? It turned out that only for twelve years. Then Stalin did not sign this agreement.

Then, in February 1945, other important decisions were made at the Yalta Conference. Winston Churchill tried to disagree with them, but they put the squeeze on him. All peoples of the world were declared equal and launched the process of decolonization. For Britain, it turned out to be a blow below the belt. And they also created the United Nations Organization, where all equal peoples are represented according to the formula: one state, one vote. Also a powerful blow to the colonial system of Britain.

“SP”: – What is happening now?

– First, the Americans, as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed, declared Eurasia a zone of their vital interests. A central military command was appointed in charge of this area. They began to host.

But the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was soon established. We, the military, conceived it as an organization that would regulate contradictions in a common space. Having gathered in Astana, we indicated our disagreement with the command of the Americans in this territory. We worked for three years. Other countries have joined the Shanghai five.

Then, on July 15, 2001, the heads of state officially signed an agreement on the establishment of the SCO in Shanghai and outlined the main tasks and goals. Among them is the fight against terrorism. Nothing was said about the military alliance. Then the term “international terrorism” had already appeared. But we, my Chinese colleagues and I, insisted that terrorism is different. Including state and coalition.

The Americans correctly assessed the significance of the emergence of the SCO. It will squeeze them out of Eurasia. Soon, on September 11 of the same year, an operation was carried out – an attack on the towers of the International Trade Center in New York, on the Pentagon. I link these events. It seems that the Saudis organized a terrorist attack, but the Americans immediately after that hit the “solar plexus” of Eurasia – Afghanistan. This country was preparing to join the SCO, and if everything went well, perhaps it would have been accepted.

“SP”: – Another factor that forced to make an adjustment – the powerful development of China, a Chinese global project?

– The Americans fought the Soviet Union not only as a country, but also as a world socialist system, an alternative to their capitalism. President Truman’s doctrine was called “containment of communism,” a doctrine Eisenhower “Rejection of communism”, and the doctrine Reagan “Destruction of communism”.

They destroyed it. Carried out their geopolitical strategy formulated by the admiral Mahen… The strategy complemented Halford Mackinder’s theory of what to do. And the “anaconda strategy” – explained how to do – to squeeze the Heartland.

Compressed. And suddenly, in place of the destroyed world socialist system, a powerful rival, China, arose. He not only developed, but launched the global project “China Dream”. But lord Kissinger launched a Chinese project just as an alternative to the Soviet Union.

“SP”: – He met with comrade Deng Xiao Ping, instructed him.

– In the end, the Americans have lost everywhere and, I suppose, are rushing about. On July 24 last year, the then US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially declared the Cold War to China. In June this year, when Biden arrived in Europe, at a meeting of the G-7, the American president pushed through the idea of ​​declaring China the main challenge to Europe and not only outline countermeasures, but also develop and launch a global project alternative to China. They will form the infrastructure for this future alternative project.

After all, they had to leave Afghanistan without completing the task of destroying the Eurasian project. China and Russia prevent America from taking control of Eurasia. Plus, the Chinese yuan threatens to bring down the dollar. World domination and the unipolar world that emerged after World War II are failing.

I have to remember Karl Marxwho said: “There is no crime that the capitalist will not commit, even under the threat of the gallows, if he receives three hundred percent of the surplus value.”… And in this case we are talking about something more than three hundred percent …

Back in 2018, under the ever-memorable Trump, a national defense strategy was adopted. Presidents come and go, but China and Russia remain the main opponents of the United States. There was little to do – the commander-in-chief was not the same.

And who is he? American elite? Do not make me laugh. Seems like a slow-moving script born in a filmmaker’s feverish delirium James Cameron, who, when this idea descended upon him, became ill. Then he recovered and even made a series of films “The Terminator” about the fact that Americans are fatally lacking brains.

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