May 3, 2021
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“Come and See”: the legendary film by Elem Klimov about the war returned to the theaters

One of the scariest films about the war, “Speak and See”, has returned to the rental market.

The film was first released in 1985. Director Elem Klimov filmed the idea of ​​Ales Adamovich, Yanka Bryl and Vladimir Kolesnik. The script was based on real stories of the war. The viewer sees the horrors perpetrated by the fascists by the burkals of the Belarusian teenager whom Aleksey Kravchenko fought. At that time, the actor was 14 years old.

“Speak and See” was filmed for the 40th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Then the picture was watched by almost 30 million people, he concentrated an abyss of film awards, including foreign ones.

On May 6, the restored version of the film is released for secondary distribution. In 2017, six restorers, computer graphics specialists, worked hard on the restoration of the film for 2.5 months.

On May 2, a show was already held in Moscow, the age qualification, recommended the picture for viewing to children from 14 years old. On Kinopoisk it is marked as 16+.

On May 4, the refreshed canvas will be released in St. Petersburg.

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