Oct 19, 2021
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Combating global warming

Combating global warming

Experts say extreme weather is just the beginning of the worst to come. They believe that humanity does not have time and must act immediately.

How, in addition to the vague promises of the EU to come to carbon neutrality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, do they propose to deal with the catastrophe threatening humanity?


With the help of expensive industrial plants, carbon dioxide has already begun to be pumped out of the air in Iceland, Scotland, South Africa and several other places. CO2 can be used to make fuels by combining carbon with hydrogen. However, the price is high: the cost of extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere can be around $ 1,000 per ton. The resulting fuel will be gold.

Billionaire Elon Musk, renowned for his concern for the environment, pledged: “I will donate $ 100 million in prize for the best carbon capture technology.” In the meantime, there is no such cheap and high-quality technology, the head of Tesla is expanding the production of electric cars and calls for abandoning cryptocurrencies, since too much electricity is spent due to mining and a lot of coal is burned at thermal power plants.


Scientists from Cambridge are proposing to increase the reflectivity of clouds over the poles of the planet and thereby enhance the transfer of heat from the Earth into space. To do this, they even came up with a scheme for spraying seawater with powerful hydrants from automatic ships in polar waters. Micro-droplets of brine will create clouds with a higher albedo, that is, whiter than normal clouds. And white is known to reflect the sun’s rays in the best way.

Recently, they have also developed “whiter than white” thermal insulation paint, which is going to be painted on houses in southern latitudes to save on air conditioning and split systems. Perhaps all houses on the planet need to be painted with this paint in order to slow down global warming.

Another option is to change the structure of cirrus clouds, which trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. For this, the Earth’s atmosphere is proposed to be seeded with miniature particles, such as pollen or dust. Larger ice crystals will form around the microparticles with a decrease in their total number. So long-wave radiation will be able to freely escape into space. But now no one can say how much it will cost and what it will turn out to be.


The experience of past climatic catastrophes shows that the most effective way to lower the planet’s degree is powerful volcanic eruptions, more precisely, sulfur emissions to a height of several kilometers.

However, there are more disadvantages to this method of cooling the Earth than there are advantages. The method is fraught with acid rain, a sharp decrease in sources of potable water and even a change in the course of the hydrological cycle in the oceans. So you can ruin the whole planet.


Another dubious way to combat global warming is to seed the oceans with phytoplankton. The logic is simple: algae grow faster than forests, oceans are huge, which means that algae will absorb CO2 and release oxygen more actively.

But in our country, rivers and reservoirs are actively turning into swamps due to climate warming. Because of this, fish and birds and animals living near the water die. Earlier experiments have shown that algae growth does not lead to a sufficient increase in the amount of absorbed CO2 and may even lead to disruptions in the functioning of the ecosystem.

It was not enough to turn the oceans of the Earth into swamps with green duckweed and lose all sea inhabitants!

Olga Poplavskaya.


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