Feb 20, 2021
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Columnist Drize on Lukashenka’s visit to Sochi: Now is not the time for deep integration

Alexander Lukashenko is preparing for a visit to Sochi for talks with Vladimir Putin. Before leaving, he stated that he intends to defend the Belarusian identity and is not going to stand with an outstretched hand.

Before his visit to Sochi, Alexander Lukashenko made a number of loud but predictable statements for the “internal kitchen”. He said that he would defend the national Belarusian identity.

According to Kommersant FM observer Dmitry Drize, Batka’s position on sovereignty has not undergone significant changes. In addition, the last dictator of Europe has a peculiar understanding of the issue of integration.

The old man is pushing his own line, according to which Belarus protects the Russian borders from NATO invasion. Drize recalled that this rhetoric is repeated from time to time.

The political scientist is convinced that it is necessary to lower one’s expectations from the upcoming meeting between Putin and Lukashenko. A breakthrough is unlikely to occur.

Drize said now is not the time for deeper integration, even if talking about it is only needed to anger the West. The expert recalled that the Belarusian economy is now, to put it mildly, not in the best position. For this reason, Lukashenka will not miss the opportunity to obtain Russian loans.

Earlier, the press wrote that the primary topic of discussion at the talks in Sochi would be a new Russian loan to Minsk. In addition, the leaders of the fraternal countries will discuss military security issues.


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