Apr 26, 2022
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Colonel MacGregor: “Moscow provided a permanent initiative and doomed Kyiv to inevitable defeat”

Colonel MacGregor:

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Russia is carefully acting as part of a special military operation in Ukraine, which is uncharacteristic for Western countries, says a retired American colonel and former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense Douglas McGregor.

“Russian forces have done something that we in the West did not expect. <…> It was instructed to avoid collateral damage and civilian casualties,” he said in a comment to the Spanish El Mundo.

This approach, he said, slowed down the pace of movement, but did not allow Kyiv to go on the counteroffensive.

“At the same time, Ukrainian forces were forced to move to settlements or retreat to fortifications built in the southeast of Donbass. So the initial stage of the conflict provided Moscow with a constant initiative and doomed Kyiv to inevitable defeat, ”McGregor emphasized.

At the same time, he noted that Moscow from the very beginning planned to end the Ukrainian forces in the southeast of Donbass, however, given Washington’s insistent desire to drag out the conflict, it had new goals. Now, in his opinion, Russia will divide Ukraine along the Dnieper line so that Odessa and the Black Sea coast will fall into its hands.

“It is not clear whether Moscow will keep the east coast of the Dnieper in the Kyiv region, but the territory north, east and south of Kharkov will be separated from Ukraine as we know it today,” he stressed.

McGregor also pointed to a serious mistake previously made by Moscow, which officially announced that it would not occupy Russian-speaking territories. Many residents of the liberated territories went over to the side of Russia, but some did not do so because of fear of the Ukrainian special services, which would inevitably execute them after returning to Kharkov.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time McGregor has been surprised by Russia’s “uncharacteristic for Western countries” actions. Last month, he already argued that Moscow “did not go through Ukraine with a sledgehammer.” The colonel then noted that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “Despite everything, he continues to treat Ukrainians as neighbors,” emphasizing that it is at such moments that the differences between the West and “Russians” are most clearly visible.

That is, the West really expected a blitzkrieg? Is he disappointed now?

“The American colonel is talking about experts who assessed the balance of power and assumed that with such a balance and with the “Iraqi” tactics of a common mess, everything would happen quickly,” notes political consultant, candidate of philosophical sciences Alexander Segal.

“SP”: – If Russia still walked “a sledgehammer through Ukraine”, it would be easier for them to accuse us of all sins? They seem to be doing this all the time.

“McGregor is not blaming anyone in this case. And so – yes, it does not matter at all what happens in reality. Virtual pictures are made by other people and in a different place.

“SP”: – According to McGregor, “Putin, in spite of everything, continues to treat Ukrainians as neighbors.”

The strong should always be calmer and kinder. “Direct policy is the best policy. A principled policy is the most practical policy.” Lenin said by the way. 115 years ago…

“It’s hard to say what the West was waiting for,” he says. American political scientist Vladimir Mozhegov.

“But the Americans, of course, are used to fighting differently. Americans are the descendants of the Puritan Calvinists, whose doctrine was centered on the Doctrine of Predestination. Which says that there is a people of the elect (Puritans, Americans) and all other masses whose life has the value of ashes. With this consciousness they acted against the Indians. This is how all subsequent wars were conducted.

The American mentality here is very similar to the Israeli one. The value of the life of an Israeli or American soldier is extremely overestimated, and the value of the life of an enemy is extremely underestimated. Therefore, they act like this: first they turn a kilometer of space in front of them into a scorched desert, and then a soldier’s foot steps there. Continental Europe has never behaved like this. The European tradition is the Kshatriya tradition of jousting. Which was changed only by the “mass wars” of the twentieth century.

“SP”: – Does the American mentality have differences in this matter? Is there a difference between Republicans and Democrats, for example?

“If there was ever a difference, today it has leveled off. If back in the 50s of the twentieth century the aristocratic Kshatriya consciousness of the southerners was alive, then the last wars of the Republicans – the wars of the older and younger Bush – are the wars of neocons who emerged from American Trotskyism. Today’s demos are socialists who came out of the new left of the 60s (for example, the Clintons), that is, their nature is about the same. All of these are extremely ideologized people, arguing in terms of “holy war”, that is, again, puritan chosenness: God was pleased to choose us, and turn everyone else into nothing, into ashes. This is the absolute conviction of the Yankees, they cannot and do not know how to think differently.

SP: Would the West prefer a different reality in which Russia would act differently?

– The West, or rather the Americans, needs Russians and Ukrainians to kill each other as much as possible. Military specialists worked with the Ukrainian army, sharpening it under their paradigm of the “chosen people”, that is, exactly what we call “Nazism”. Today’s Ukrainians act in this way in many ways: they wage war in cities, hiding behind the civilian population, putting up a human shield in front of them. Europeans have never fought like this.

SP: Did our tactics in Ukraine take them by surprise? Or did they have a variant of behavior in such a case initially? How exactly will they act?

– Ukrainians, trained by American instructors, are ready to fight to the last “Moskal”, this is understandable. America will gladly sacrifice Europe to weaken Russia. And the international oligarchy that rules America today will also sacrifice America to, for example, weaken China. This is such multi-level chess.

“SP”: – Should we somehow look back at the opinion of the West? Do you think it still plays some role for Russia?

— I think Russia today is fighting for the freedom of Europe from the Anglo-American occupation and diktat. If Russia does not liberate Europe today, there will be no Europe tomorrow. Europe is condemned by the Anglo-Saxons. They look at the Europeans today as if they were dead. The only purpose of the Europeans, from their point of view, is to die in the war with Russia.

What is the “opinion of the West” is not quite clear to me. No West has existed since at least 1991. The Anglo-Saxons and the international oligarchy are rather a committee for the recycling of the West.

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