Jun 30, 2020
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Collection of statuses about daughter to tears

Statuses about daughter to tears for those mothers who fully felt the joy of motherhood. Share this joy with others!

The daughter is, first of all, softmom and daughter on the beach

  1. Daughter — this is when the Birthday you get only the cutest pictures and most beautiful flowers.
  2. You to me are already the best. I will try to be a better mom.
  3. If you want to wonder every day, do not look for other ways. Get yourself a daughter!
  4. I always wanted a daughter. But I didn't think it was me so beautiful!
  5. The gentle touch — the fingers of my little girl.
  6. Once you have children, all the rest becomes not so important.
  7. I much agree, but would never see the tears in your eyelashes. My girl...
  8. Look at her little face, and don't realize that when I have to confront her, and once even to abuse.
  9. I wish my daughter learned happiness. Not from the stories of others, and myself!
  10. The best thing I could do for you, my girl, is to find such a wonderful dad.
  11. In your life there will be difficulties and problems. But together we will overcome them.
  12. She sniffs so peaceful in sleep that I'm just going crazy with happiness...
  13. Only by becoming a parent you know how difficult it is to raise a daughter.
  14. In your eyes so much purity, that I want to live. And to live only for you.
  15. I'll try to be happy. At least in order to set an example for his daughter.
  16. Small children are not allowed to sleep. But some sleep so sweet, that on the contrary put to sleep even more.

I'll go through a lot just to have my daughter all was well!mother and daughter at home

Want to set the status bar do the original phrase? Then take into service a beautiful short statuses about daughter with meaning.

  1. The most beautiful eyes — eyes daughter.
  2. Baby, you're a Princess because I am the Queen.
  3. Daughter easier on your conscience than with your son.
  4. I love to touch her pens, love to kiss her nose :3
  5. She slightly smile and heart jumping for joy.
  6. My daughter is waiting for you tenderness for life.
  7. I'll comb your hair, and dress in the best clothes.
  8. My daughter will not hurt. I will not allow.
  9. You're the most beautiful doll of all.
  10. Now you're a little baby doll in a diaper, and soon you will hot.
  11. Every tooth, every hair is priceless to me.
  12. To grow lucky daughter. And everything else I give you.
  13. Daughter. Here who do not mind spending the money.
  14. How nice to be a mother pretty girl <3
  15. Will give thee into the hand of only the best groom!
  16. You just open the eyes and illumine them all around.
  17. Daughter is when you finally can buy lots and lots of dolls.
  18. I didn't even think that I would have such a beautiful girl...
  19. Finally a man was born who made me happy.
  20. To grow, reach for the sun.. May you be lucky!
  21. The most important day for me — it's his daughter's Birthday.
  22. Daughter need to have when you want to, not when “needed”.
  23. Work is work, but every woman must be a daughter!
  24. Counting the days before the advent of a daughter...
  25. I have cared about, because I have a little Princess.
  26. The most important achievement of a woman is her daughter.
  27. We're very different.But your mother loves you.
  28. How I wish that you were always a little girl...
  29. My little toddler will be the most beautiful bride.
  30. There is a God. He sent me a daughter.
  31. Well, no, my Princess will only a real Prince!
  32. I am a very good mother. And my grandmother will be even better.

While the most important person for me is placed in my armsmother and her little daughter outdoors

Touching statuses about daughter forced to shed a tear even the most brutal. Your friends in social networks are guaranteed to be surprised.

  1. The biggest trouble is to be separated from their children. And everything else is solved.
  2. All I need is to see my daughter. Know that she is doing well. To work at least a day for her.
  3. My life is not the most ideal. But I'll do anything, baby, to your was exactly like that!
  4. Always nice to hear a timid “I love you”. Especially if it's your daughter...
  5. Daughter is when the New year you need to prepare the snowflake. This is when March 8 — your common holiday.
  6. It's a little sad, a little upset, and I can't to find...
  7. Someday you'll marry again, and you're going to have the same lovely daughter.
  8. The scarlet flower, the bright ray, the cunning Fox, the most sonorous star!
  9. You're a good mother, if the daughter herself trusts you with their secrets.
  10. And I still remember your first smile, my daughter. Though you're not a kid.
  11. Just out with my husband to relax together and I already miss my daughter. Who else right?
  12. I know, why don't you look pretty! Because I love your daddy very much.
  13. Mom and dad love differently. But know, my daughter, in the amount of we love you just the same.
  14. Most of all I love the evening when the two of us. Play games, read stories and talk...
  15. Every dad always jealous of my daughter. No matter how good nor was the groom.
  16. You can't even imagine how much love the word “daughter”. Even more than in the word “love”.

Tell your girls ' kind words from the first days of their lives. Be sure they understand everything.

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