Oct 7, 2021
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Collection: “100 popular phraseological units of the Russian language”

We are glad to present to your attention our first book “100 popular phraseological units of the Russian language”!

What is this book about?

The book is a collection of 100 of the most popular phraseological units of the Russian language. For each phraseological unit, this book describes the semantic meaning, the scope of application of phraseological units (with examples of their use in speech), as well as the history of their origin.

For each idiom, synonymous expressions of the Russian language were selected, in some cases – foreign analogues.

The frequency of citing phrases in the media and blogs and the number of queries in search engines per month are indicated.

Who will benefit from this book?

  • Students in grades 3-8 who study phraseological units in Russian lessons, as well as their parents.
  • People who want to make their speech brighter and more eloquent.
  • People who have “clever people” in their social circle who periodically embed phrases like “water in a mortar” or “passed between scylla and charybdis” into the conversation. Thanks to this book, it will be easier for you to understand people who are embedding phraseological expressions in speech.
  • Anyone interested in phraseology.


Maria Znobishteva – Member of the Writers’ Union of Russia, candidate of philological sciences, laureate of literary prizes.

Alexander Firtsev – Internet marketer, editor of the project “In an accessible language”.

Where to buy a book?

The book is available for purchase and reading on the following sites:

In print:

In electronic format:

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