Sep 15, 2021
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Collaborator Danilov and the hooligan idea of ​​replacing the Cyrillic alphabet with the Latin alphabet

Throwing in the Ukrainian swamp sooner or later ends with a return to the all-Russian sea

The funniest thing in this story is that the “father” of the hooligan idea, having entered adulthood, became a Muscovite and abandoned the idea. A native of Austria-Hungary, the Uniate priest-theologian Joseph Lozinsky (1807-1889) in 1834 proposed to introduce “abetsadlo” (from the initial letters “Abc”) instead of the alphabet. On his invention in 1835, he even published a collection of wedding ceremonies. Russian Wesile (“Russian wedding”). However, having matured, Lozinsky abandoned the plan for the development of Ukrainian literature as part of the Polish one and advocated the introduction of the Russian alphabet into the Ukrainian language. In 1848 he was already a member of the First Council of Russian Scientists, and in the 1860s he completely broke with the Ukrainophil movement.

Nevertheless, the chaff thrown by the Uniate sprouted under the Maidan regime.

In 2017, a petition was posted on the presidential website of Petro Poroshenko. The defenders of the ugliness of the language, which is not a pity, argued that the choice in favor of the Latin alphabet “will underline the European intentions of the Ukrainians.” Little of: “This will affect the development of the Ukrainian language all over the world (!!), as it will be easier for foreigners to perceive and study, not to mention the advantages in the field of information technology.”… However, delirium did not take possession of the minds of the masses and came to naught.

Now the secretary of the NSDC under Zelensky – “Luhansk Himmler” – Aleksey Danilov, in revelations on American radio, said that the transition to the Latin alphabet of the Ukrainian alphabet is a good thing. You can understand: how else can a representative of the colonial regime think?

Let us recall that according to Hitler’s “General Plan Ost” – the plan of colonization and Germanization of the eastern territories, the 25% of the inhabitants of Ukraine left alive were subject to Germanization. Now Ukraine has a different European integrator, and Danilov does not hide: “I am for two languages ​​in our country …” This is his banter: in the usual sense, two languages ​​†‹вЂ‹ are Russian and Ukrainian. Danilov clarifies: “English should be compulsory. Because if we are talking about the civilized world, then English is the language of civilized communication. And we must understand that everyone should know English “… By the way, Danilov himself does not speak English.

At one time, Turkey, having become a secular state, switched to a variant of the Latin alphabet in 1928, abandoning the thousand-year tradition – the Arabic script (interspersed with Persian characters). The Istanbul dialect was taken as the basis for romanization. Many words were replaced with new ones created from Turkic roots, and a situation arose when the older generation ceased to understand the modern language, and the younger generation ceased to understand the texts created before them. Works written 100-200 years ago have become inaccessible for reading in the form in which they were created, not to mention more ancient works.

Many responded to the trick of the collaborator Danilov. He heard little good. Sasha Golob, well-known in FB and beyond, said in a funny and concise way: “Especially for Danilov: DURAK, IDINA …” In general, he sent Danilov with cheerful feet in Latin towards the planet X.

The collaborator, however, cheered up and, continuing to scoff at the people, wrote in his FB: “…I am glad that there are so many active and caring people in our country … “ This is “humorously” about those who said everything they think about him, including about his initiatives in the matter of stifling freedom of speech. Danilov scoffs: “It was especially interesting to watch the off-scale hysteria … If the supporters of the” Russian world “feel bad, then it means that Ukraine will be good!”

When sent to planet X, it’s not hysteria, Danilov. This is Homeric laughter at a stupid figure who has seized power.

Linguist Pavle Ivic, academician of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a number of foreign academies, says: Cyrillic is the most perfect alphabet in Europe. As for the traditional Ukrainian language, experts point out that in it “90% of the letters correspond to the sounds they denote – what we hear is what we write. This is a very high percentage of matches. The Latin alphabet cannot do that. Academician Oleg Trubachev is a famous Slavic linguist, researcher of the etymology of Slavic languages ​​and Slavic onomastics, an expert in the field of comparative historical linguistics – this is how he spoke about the prospects of Latinization: Latin “Too wretched to convey the real multitude of alphabetic characters in modern languages. The Latin alphabet does not stand up to the rivalry with the Cyrillic alphabet here. She just fails. “

The Latin alphabet will not only complicate the writing system, it will kill the writing system that exists today.

At the heart of the deep essence of hatred for the Cyrillic alphabet is hatred for Orthodoxy, sacred Russophobia. The main thing is that the Cyrillic alphabet is a liturgical Church Slavonic language.

No, not everyone laughed at Danilov. There was a man who supported him … Do you remember the person involved in the “high-profile case” who, on the instructions of the SBU, came to life in a pool of pig’s blood? Professional Russophobe Babchenko, who writes clumsily and illiterate, whose idea is as simple as a felt boot. Here he makes a discovery: “If we trace the written language and religion, we can make an absolutely unambiguous conclusion – of all Slavic peoples, only Orthodox with Cyrillic writing become my brothers … The coincidence of these two factors – Orthodoxy and Cyrillic – is a guaranteed basis for fraternal help. Where there is only one of these factors, my brotherhood no longer exists … “ Doesn’t this freak know that Russia is home to 195 nations? Knows. However, reckless Russophobia is “in trend.” Arkasha Babchenko instructs: “If Ukraine already wants to leave our brotherly embrace, the slogan should be:“ Army. Mova. Catholicism (Lutheranism, Protestantism, Voodooism). Latin alphabet “

Satanism is rushing.

Misanthropy says: “Mova has become an integral and organic part of Ukraine. Perhaps, after the second war, the country will also organically switch to the Latin alphabet. To have nothing in common at all. “ What a fool, he calls for war!

The famous Kiev poet and blogger Yan Taksyur, not without sadness, gave a brilliant impromptu:

Today they see further
The stages of savagery –
Latin, Danilik,
Moo, silence …

However, let us recall Joseph Ivanovich Lozinsky, who from a Galician Russophobe turned into a Muscovite. It is possible that this change contains a certain code: tossing in the Ukrainophile swamp sooner or later ends with a return to the all-Russian sea.

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