Sep 8, 2022
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Coin may lose property in Russia


Singer Monetochka is wanted for debts.

Elizaveta Gyrdymova, better known as Monetochka, lost the trial to Stas Kostyushkin, who accused her of plagiarizing her song. The singer was ordered to pay a colleague 500 thousand rubles. The artist did not do this and safely went abroad.

Now the 24-year-old performer is wanted by bailiffs. If Liza does not pay off her debt to Kostyushkin in the near future, then her property in Russia – an apartment on Chistye Prudy – will be arrested.

Monetochka - photo from the archive -
Monetochka – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The singer herself has not yet commented on problems with the law, although a few months ago she called Kostyushkin “an absurd and comical character.” It seems that now Elizabeth is not up to conflicts, because less than a month ago she became the mother of a daughter. The baby was born in one of the maternity hospitals in Lithuania, where the artist settled with her husband, according to Mash.

My husband helps me find time to breathe in and out, he tries very hard, but I still secretly envy how easily he can go outside: he got dressed, took a backpack and ran. This option is not yet available to me, which I did not even think about two weeks ago. There is no old life, and I am building a new one brick by brick. You can’t cry often, because I have a small passenger with me, he has only been on this planet for a few days, and, apart from me, he doesn’t know anyone here. Imagine how scary it is when the only creature you trust in this world, your only guide, does not know where to go and cries. Therefore, in any situation, I pretend that I know where we are, and this helps, by the way!“- once shared the performer.

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