Oct 16, 2021
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Coffee recipes and secrets

Coffee recipes and secrets

What explains the success of coffee?

Since 1995, coffee has been the most popular beverage in the world. And the most bought commodity – after oil.

What explains the success of coffee?

People around the world start their day with a cup of coffee. According to statistics, more than 2.5 billion cups are drunk every day in the world. This drink has gained immense popularity due to two factors – unique taste and beneficial properties.

It is worth talking about taste separately – after all, coffee, in fact, cannot be replaced by anything. Rich, deep aroma, light bitterness, fruity, woody or chocolate aftertaste – the variety of varieties allows you to really enjoy every cup.

The beneficial properties of coffee are not limited to its tonic effect.

Although, of course, it is for this that coffee is loved first of all. A cup of espresso helps you wake up in the morning, and an Americano invigorates the day and increases the efficiency of the work process. Studies carried out by various organizations have confirmed the benefits of coffee – the drink helps to improve well-being and stimulates the creative process.

Voltaire, Balzac, Beethoven – everyone has heard of these brilliant, great people. None of them could imagine life without coffee. Voltaire and Balzac drank several dozen cups of coffee a day. Ludwig van Beethoven was more restrained, but he drank really strong coffee from 64 beans. In comparison, making a cup of espresso typically requires about 40 beans.

But the advantages of coffee do not end there either. He brings people together!

In the modern world, from a drink, coffee has turned into an element of culture, has become a real means of communication. It is difficult to imagine business negotiations without a cup of strong espresso. And coffee shops have become one of the most popular places for dating – what could be more romantic than a cozy, elegant interior and a unique aroma in the air.

Coffee recipes: how to diversify your favorite drink?

But even the best drink can get bored sooner or later. However, this is unlikely to happen with coffee. If you are bored with espresso or cappuccino, we suggest you learn how to make the Espresso Con Panna coffee cocktail with Cofettime.

For cooking you will need:

– 35 ml. espresso;
– Whipped cream (you can replace it with whipping cream and whip it yourself);
– Grated chocolate or ground cinnamon for decoration;

The recipe is extremely simple – you need to brew a shot of espresso, then garnish it with whipped cream, sprinkle with grated chocolate or cinnamon. The coffee will turn out to be delicate, but will retain its strength.

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