Feb 17, 2021
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Co-host Galkina Yulia Menshova spoke about the conflict within the TV show

The actress and TV presenter Yulia Menshova hosted the program “Now in the Evening” on Channel One, together with the humorist Maxim Galkin. She spoke about the conflict within the TV show and about leaving the channel.

Co-host Galkina Yulia Menshova spoke about the conflict within the TV show

The presenter Yulia Menshova in an interview with Nadezhda Strelets noted that she was “categorically unsuitable” for the ways in which the editors of the “Now in the Evening” program achieved high ratings. The actress admitted that she tried to compromise with herself, but after 1.5 years she realized that the real format did not suit her.

Menshova said that she did not like the editorial board of the TV show, in this regard, during the editing, it was cut out fractionally. She suggested that, in fact, due to the fact that Maxim Galkin received more airtime, rumors arose about their conflict.

At the same time, Julia testified that there was no conflict between the presenters.

“I have an excellent relationship with Maxim,” Menshova emphasized. She added that she and Galkin are very different, but she looks to him with great respect. Julia also called Maxim a “extremely well-mannered, educated” people.

According to the actress, the atmosphere in Russian show business stands out greatly from the atmosphere in the theater or cinema. The program “Now in the Evening” invited more guests from the world of show business, it was easier for Galkin to find a common language with them, Menshova said.

“He aimed all the time at advancing, and I aimed at the sequence, so that some reason would be cut out,” explained Julia.

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