Oct 24, 2021
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CNN: the West is to blame for the emergence of the “most dangerous version” of Putin


CNN: the West is to blame for the emergence of the
Administration of the President of Russia

CNN released material in which they announced the appearance of the “most dangerous version” of the Russian head. According to the journalists of the TV channel, the fault lies with the West.

In support of their claim, CNN representatives cited the opinions of politicians and various experts. For example, the former commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, Marshal Riho Terrace, compared Vladimir Putin to a “street fighter”. He noted that the Russian leader has demonstrated self-confidence against the backdrop of the energy crisis.

“Every time an opportunity arises, he takes it. The West is trying to skate, and Putin is playing hockey, ”Terrace explained.

According to Oleg Ignatov, an analyst with the non-profit organization International Crisis Group in the Russian Federation, it is high time for Western countries to reconsider their foreign policy. He stressed that this concerns not only the gas crisis, but also interference in the internal affairs of other states.

“Ten years ago, this argument (about foreign intervention in other countries – ed.) Was more defensive because the Kremlin wanted to protect itself from criticism from Western governments or NGOs. But now Russia can argue that the Western policy has failed in Libya, Syria, and now in Afghanistan so much that Russia’s approach was actually correct, ”Ignatov said.

Earlier, Chinese readers of Guancha supported Vladimir Putin’s speech on friendship between Russia and China.

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