Oct 17, 2021
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CNBC Gamble Compliment Putin


CNBC Gamble Compliment Putin

The head of state and the American journalist talked backstage at the event in Moscow. Gamble was delighted with the first meeting with Putin. The President greeted the CNBC employee, in response she asked about the state of health of the Russian leader and made a compliment to him.

“Hello! Glad to see you! You look very well. How do you feel?” Gamble asked.

The TV presenter also admitted that she had flown in from Abu Dhabi and therefore the weather in the Russian capital seemed cold to her. Putin remembered the saying about Siberians and advised his interlocutor to wear warm clothes.

CNBC Gamble Compliment Putin & nbsp / & nbsp Administration of the President of Russia

“In Siberia, we say that Siberians are not those who are not afraid of frost, but those who dress warmly,” the head of the Russian Federation explained.

In turn, Putin called the interlocutor a beautiful woman. At the same time, he clarified that the conversation on Russian gas with her does not come out.

Earlier, Russian journalist Dmitry Kiselev called Gamble’s behavior during his conversation with Putin too outspoken. The American journalist used “body language” to its fullest, he said.

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