Nov 24, 2021
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Clowns instead of machines: State officials are preparing to “cut” 5 trillion rubles stolen from the people

Clowns instead of machines: State officials are preparing to

Photo: Ekaterina Shtukina / POOL / TASS

The height of cynicism – this, and no other way, is to characterize the distribution of budgetary funds within the framework of “strategic initiatives.” Officials have finally lost all sense of proportion and do not even try to disguise the “drank” of the people’s money. Moreover, practically not a penny was allocated for the development of science and industry, but they did not stint on the so-called “culture”.

Amendments to the draft law No. 1258295-7 “On the federal budget for 2022 and for the planning period of 2023 and 2024” take 836 pages – not everyone will master it. But reading is more than fascinating, except that the hair on the head periodically stands on end.

For example, we are looking for the word “machine tool” in – this system-forming industry in “erefia” is destroyed as a class. Yes, there is such a word, it is mentioned once. In the column “Other budgetary allocations” appears “Subsidies to manufacturers of machine tool products in order to provide customers with discounts when purchasing such products.” The total amount of funding is three times a billion, that is, 3 billion rubles.

For comparison. “Subsidy to the federal state enterprise” Russian State Circus Company “to support the development of circus activities” – more than 3.3 billion rubles! That is, clowns are a priority, machines are not needed.

Yes, and these unfortunate three billion will not reach production, they are – for the purchase of certain products. The money will settle in the so-called “technoparks”, where they will be successfully “mastered” by purchasing all sorts of imported goods.

“Technoporak, Technopark … An ordinary office center, nothing more. Except that sometimes bureaucrats would come and arrange a “show” – they would print a plastic (short unprintable word) on a Chinese 3D printer, and then report on breakthrough technologies, ”says Sergei, a former employee of the capital’s“ technopark ”.

We go further, looking for the word “electronics”. Yes, there is such – the State program of the Russian Federation “Development of the electronic and radio-electronic industry.” 1 billion rubles for three years is not even funny.

And again we compare. Subsidy of the religious organization Russian Orthodox Old Believers Church – more than 1.3 billion rubles. Not otherwise than a citizen Gundyaev and those like him will consecrate the clips that will work instead of microcircuits. Somehow there are no other thoughts.

About the production of tools, machine tooling etc. there is not a word in the document at all, all this, apparently, is superfluous.

But there is a subsidy from a certain autonomous non-profit organization “Engineering and Innovation Support Center” in order to create tools for finalizing the products of technology companies to meet the requirements of large corporations. According to the register, this legal entity was created quite recently, on 08.24.2021, the founders are unknown. In general, nothing is known. But they are immediately given 10 billion rubles. Looks like they deserve it.

A number of programs are generally striking in their name, for example, “Unmanned logistics corridors”, “Unmanned aerial delivery of goods”, “Electric car and hydrogen car”. Considering the complete absence of domestic electronics, thoughts again come to mind about consecrated spiritual relics that will control all this. For “corridors” and delivery in aggregate, they give half a billion, for electric cars – 1.5 billion rubles.

And, apparently, in order for the censer to burn incense, and drones to fly with their help, the autonomous non-profit organization Spiritual Patriotic Center Vyatsky Posad will receive funding of 78 million rubles a year, in total, almost a quarter of a billion rubles.

A very interesting point of the program, the federal project “Takeoff – from a startup to an IPO” (2.5 billion rubles), the notorious “investments”. Apparently, someone is not averse to repeating the success of Rusnano, in which the suckers (sorry, investors, of course!) Have invested about 90 billion rubles.

That’s not bad either – “Property contribution of the Russian Federation to the state development corporation” VEB.RF “in order to compensate for lost income on loans attracted by the limited liability company Alternative Generating Company-1, Moscow Region, and the limited liability company Alternative Generating Company-2 “, Kazan”. More than 8 billion rubles have been approved. Income, loans, some kind of LLC … Although, by and large, nothing new – “saw, Shura, saw!”

But the most enchanting item of expenditure is “culture”. Not only the aforementioned clowns, it is so, little things.

“Distribution of subsidies to the budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for the modernization of theaters for young spectators and puppet theaters” – 5.6 billion rubles.

“Distribution of subsidies to the budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for the renovation of cultural institutions” – 5.7 billion rubles.

“Distribution of subsidies to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for the development of a network of cultural and leisure-type institutions” – as much as 19 billion rubles.

Well, and the little things. The All-Russian public organization “The Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation (All-Russian Theater Society)” received 210 million rubles for the dairy – 70 million rubles a year. Obviously they will not die from their heads. The Artist Charitable Foundation for the Support of Artists – about 200 million rubles, that is, 64 million rubles a year. Enough for bread too.

But the main point of the cultural program is “The program of social support to increase the accessibility of cultural organizations for young people aged 14 to 22”. For this, as much as 70 billion rubles will be transferred to one of the most scandalous credit organizations of the Russian Federation – “Post Bank”. Like to be given to children, and they will spend them on visiting museums. Please do not laugh loudly!

Science, both basic research and applied science, is not mentioned at all. Somewhere there is something about industry research, but so, in passing. And the price of the issue is mere pennies.

And now, as they say, “general issues” – the development of a network of roads, villages, rural infrastructure, support for entrepreneurship, stimulation of housing development programs, etc. The numbers are not particularly interesting here, since hardly a tenth of the funds will reach the point. The approach itself is interesting – the primordially Russian regions in the most important areas of financing were left bare-handed, fixed assets were distributed to the “national outskirts”.

Kostroma, Kursk, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Ryazan, Veliky Novgorod, Smolensk, Tver, Arkhangelsk, Kaluga, Yaroslavl etc. – for a number of positions they were completely deprived, where they were given – the very minimum. Even the development of sports was the least allocated, and Kostroma and Kursk are especially unloved by government officials and deputies. Apparently, someone is borrowing from these Russian names.

There is a pumping of funds from the primordially Russian regions to the outskirts, this is the same rake that the Soviet Union once ran into – “colonialism is the opposite”. Then the republics got used to the fact that Russia contains them, and they took it for granted. A similar situation has developed in the Russian Federation, and the consequences will be the same.

United Russia members – “servants of the people” – have not forgotten themselves, in the category “Other interbudgetary transfers” there is a position “To ensure the activities of State Duma deputies and their assistants in constituencies.” For three years, the deputies have allocated themselves more than five billion, roughly 3.5 million rubles per year for one individual. Or 300 thousand a month – you can count it like that. Modestly.

Under the article “Distribution of subventions for the payment of a state lump sum and monthly monetary compensation to citizens in the event of post-vaccination complications,” only 27 million rubles have been allocated for three years throughout the country. “Let our valiant parliamentarians and other officials die” do not speak, they express their feelings for the “respected scattered people” by deeds.

All of the above figures are just the first allocation of funds for “strategic initiatives”; only 355 billion rubles were previously “drunk”. But the most delicious is yet to come – it is planned that by 2024 about 4.6 trillion will be allocated for these purposes. rubles. The clowns will be delighted.

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