May 16, 2020
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Close Encounters: Top 3 Tips for Quality Oral Sex

Top 3 Tips for Quality Oral Sex / Cosmo

Although this seems very much like banality, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of blowjob in a harmonious sex life. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of men love oral sex even more than usual or anal sex.

The portal, with reference to experts, has compiled a list of tips for women to help make a blowjob unforgettable for a man and give him a gorgeous pleasure (if, of course, he deserves it).

No. 1. Make sure that the penis "does not dry out ." Otherwise, you can deliver the man bad and painful sensations. If the lady at the same time becomes too active, she will easily "rub" his penis until it burns.

No. 2. Do not stretch the skin on the penis. This situation often leads to squeezing of nerve endings that are located in the frenum (the most sensitive part of the head).

Number 3. Work lips and tongue . So the lady needs to work on the penis at the same time. Only then will she be able to achieve the best effect.

Recall that earlier, experts drew up a list of tips for high-quality throat oral sex, and also named the top 3 most frequent errors during a blowjob.

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