Jul 1, 2020
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Clint Eastwood will celebrate its 90th anniversary

Actor and Director continues to shoot, adding to her collection of awards.

May 31, “chief cowboy of Hollywood” Clint Eastwood celebrates its 90th anniversary. The actor, whose heyday came a surge in popularity of spaghetti westerns, still continues to act and shoot — last year he released his film “the Case of Richard Jewell”.

The future actor was born in San Francisco in the family of workers. Due to the effects of the great depression he himself had often to change jobs that he combined with a visit to the Senior technical school. At the same time textured Eastwood invited me to try myself in the movie.

After a series of not very successful films Eastwood starred in the “Dollar trilogy”, then the image of the cowboy from popular westerns became associated with new star. Until the 1980s, the actor remained one of the most popular figures in Hollywood, and later achieved success as a Director.

Clint Eastwood has twice received the award “Oscar” for best Director. For long-term career, the celebrant took part in the creation of more than 50 films as actor, producer, and Director.

Dmitry Koshevoy

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